For the seventh year, Santa Margherita celebrates culture, food and wine in collaboration with Librerie Feltrinelli, fielding the "Explorers of taste - Santa Margherita Wine-Literary Award". This is a writing contest for emerging writers promoted by the Veneto winery in collaboration with Librerie Feltrinelli. Yesterday the winners were proclaimed.

The protagonist of the Santa Margherita Wine-Literary Award is, as always, the successful marriage of food and wine, in a tale of 4000 characters, with creativity and originality.
Over a thousand stories were submitted to the Santa Margherita Wine-Literary Award 2012, a really important event for emerging writers who, thanks to the cultural prize, can see their story published in more than 300,000 copies.

The three winning stories were selected by a jury chaired by Inge Feltrinelli and supported by: the director of "Cucina Italiana" Paolo Paci, the journalist of TG2/Eat Parade Bruno Gambacorta, the director of "Elle Decor" Livia Peraldo Matton, the deputy director of "Vanity Fair" Michela Gattermayer, Linus -the "soul" of Radio Deejay-, the managing editor of Radio24 Sebastiano Barisoni, the director of the Biennial Course of Writing and Storytelling at the Holden School Gianluca Pallaro, and finally the CEO of Santa Margherita, Ettore Nicoletto.

The winners will receive a voucher for the purchase of books, and in addition their stories will become real best sellers, with a total circulation of over 600,000 copies, printed on the back labels of bottles of Pinot Grigio Valdadige DOC, Chardonnay Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT and Sparkling Müller Thurgau Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT.

The three winning stories are:
First place, "Criminal Wine" by Alessandro Di Mase
Second place, "Il Pranzo di Marcella" by Silvia Cerioli
Third place, "O tempura! O Mures!" by Barbara Gramegna

Let?s read the opening of the stories and discover the winners

Alessandro Di Mase, 1st place with the story "Criminal Wine"

"Bertrand Mailfert stood motionless in the front door of his restaurant, the sun of Provence, near to the sunset, dug deep shadows in his thin and angular face and dyed of a peach-like colour its gown as a chef"

From Milan, degree in Engineering, and had been living in Italy, Belgium, France and Turkey. Passionate about travelling, sea and books.
He loves wine and cuisine. In his travels he searches for places where to find solid and ancient food and wine traditions.

Silvia Cerioli, 2nd place with the story "Il Pranzo di Marcella"

"But what do you mean, disappeared? And where would she go? Maria, please, calm down. " The Philippine woman that for three years had followed his mother called him in the middle of a morning of work and, sobbing ...

From Rome, born in the year '67, has always devoted herself to economic and trade union journalism. She has been running the press office of several professional associations since 2007.

Barbara Gramegna, 3rd place with the story "O tempura! O mures! "

"O Tempura! O Mures!
I ran into admirers of mayonnaise in the bin,
into wine lovers who can not distinguish a taver- and a bru-nello,
into detractors of the frying in olive oil who feed themselves with pringols. "

From Bolzano, she publishes her stories on the Internet, and the magazine ?Orizzonti? of Aletti Editore chose in November 2009 ?Di che sostanza? for the Parole in Fuga competition, and selected ?Giudecca? for the Tiburtino competition. She collaborates with the online magazines Fillide, Franz Magazine, La Valsugana, with the blog Womenoclock and to the collective literary fiction project ?Miló 7?.