The famous “Wine of Peace” celebrates 30 years of ’the world in a glass’ in the name of unity and brotherhood.

What is the “Wine of Peace”?

The “Wine of Peace” by Producers Winery of Cormons is a unique symbol of peace and brotherhood that is created with as well as 855 vine varieties from all over the world.

“Wine of Peace” is a special project that contains ’the world in a glass’ by Producers Winery of Cormons, and in 2013 it has celebrated its first 30 years. Wine wants to be the very symbol of harmony among different worlds and different mindsets.

How is the “Wine of Peace”?

Clearly, for a wine that comes from 855 vine varieties, the traditional and encoded categories of taste are not enough. Expert winemakers of Producers Winery of Cormons vinify it in white, refine it and let it rest. From the barrels, a strong wine with vanilla and faintly muscat aftertaste comes, with a bouquet reminiscent of its cosmopolitan origins. The “Wine of Peace” is a meditation and for collectors wine, due to the beauty of its bottles.

Art and wine on the labels of the “Wine of Peace”

Many artists have ventured into designing a label able to preserve and promote in the world a strong message of peace and brotherhood. Here are some of the prestigious names who have designed the labels of the “Wine of Peace”.

Enrico Baj, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giacomo Manzù, Mimmo Rotella, Yoko Ono, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Dario Fo, Robert Carrol, Marco Lodola, Hsiao Chin, Mimmo Paladino, Fernando Botero, Fabrizio Plessi, Yoshin Ogata, Omar Galliani, Medhat Shafik: all these great artists have designed the labels of the “Wine of Peace” over the years, to the creation of an original and unique permanent gallery of high standard artworks, which binds forever and inextricably art with the noblest product of the land.

The presentation of the new vintage of the “Wine of Peace”

On January 27th, the festivities continue, to celebrate the achievements and success of the project in 30 years. In Rome, there will be the presentation of the new vintage and the precious labels made for 2012 by the artist Emilio Isgrò, along with Arrigo Levi, journalist and writer, the painter Enrico Castellani with Alessandro Rivali and Kengiro Azuma, whose work will be accompanied by the poems of Isabella Panfido.