The lobby of the Town Hall of Città di Castello will host for the entire weekend a selection of wines from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Ancient vines, small organic and biodynamic farms, great wines explained to the public by experienced journalists of the host country.

Daily master classes open to everyone await you for a perfect trip to the Balkans, from the Thracians to the present day

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April, on the occasion of Only Wine Festival in Città di Castello, wine lovers and industry operators will be offered a unique opportunity to learn about and taste a selection of the best wines of the Balkans, coming in particular from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

In addition to free tastings, accessible with the ordinary Only Wine Festival tasting ticket, in the program there are daily master classes open to everyone and led by industry journalists and experts of Prospero International, the company of Città di Castello that oversaw the Only Wine International area.

The selected companies to represent Bulgaria will be the wineries: Neragora, Borovitza and Marian that produce wine with organic and biodynamic systems. The three producers will bring in Città di Castello wines produced from the ancient Mavrud grape variety, which dates back to the time of the Thracians, from Gamza, a variety created in the 50s by the Bulgarian wine institute, crossing Pinot Noir and Mavrud, particularly spread along the Danube, from Dimiat, white grape variety, and Rikat, a white grape variety, too, originated from the Georgian Rkatziteli.

Serbia, instead, will be represented by other three small wineries, whose peculiarity is to produce wine in an artigianal way, from hundred–year–old vines. In particular, you can taste the Prokupac, an emblematic vine of the country, assimilated by many people to our Sangiovese, which in the tasting of the wines of the three companies will give ample evidence of its versatility. To select the wineries, the food and wine journalist Tomislav Ivanovic from Serbia, who chose for Only Wine the small Sveti Gral Winery, Budimir and Cokot Winery and who will be in Città di Castello to explain to the public the characteristics of the wines.

To close the review of the Balkans: Romania, with some selected varieties, like Feteasca Neagra, Bohotin–Coloviu and Tomaioasa Romaneasca, well representing the territory. Moreover, Romania boasts a long wine tradition and a great wealth of varieties, climate and speial terroirs. To select and tell us the wineries and the Romanian wines is the journalist Razvan Stoenscu.

They will set up also a space dedicated to Georgia, the host of 2014, whose wines have been so successful in the latest edition of the event.

The presence of the wines of the Balkans at the Only Wine Festival is a real journey through the flavours and aromas, but also in the "madness" and in the magic of this corner of the world, to learn about the many faces of the Balkan wines. A date, then, in the lobby of the Town Hall on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April.