Lamberto Frescobaldi, Oscar Farinetti, Marilisa Allegrini and many other leaders among the guests of the series launched by Italian Wine Podcast.

Every Monday at 2.30 pm, the most famous faces of food and wine will interview the protagonists of the wine production of the Bel Paese in an ironic and carefree way. The goal is to tell the daily life of the great Italian winemakers during isolation, ranging from good food to favorite wines, and to share anecdotes and tricks for survival at home with the public.

Wine, which by its nature is a means of communion and union, will have the mission of bringing a little joy and escape during the uncertain times of quarantine and "lockdown". During each episode - which will last 15 minutes - you can discover the world of iconic characters such as the President of the Frescobaldi Group Lamberto Frescobaldi , the founder of Eataly Oscar Farinetti , Matteo Ascheri of the Consortium of Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe and Dogliani , the Director of the Prosecco Consortium Doc Luca Giavi and Giancarlo Gariglio , curator of the Slow Wine guide.

"We are in Nipozzano, a fantastic place especially suited for Sangiovese and Cabernet. Here we produce wines that take international awards that satisfy the work of those who follow every day what happens in the vineyard and in the cellar - comments Lamberto Frescobaldi , promoter of wine excellence Italian in the world and who immediately embraced the project with enthusiasm - Here nature is always the protagonist and continues its path towards the 2020 harvest, which at the moment is proceeding respecting all its perfect times. reopen to be able to go again to all the big cities of the world and taste it together with the many Made in Italy enthusiasts ".

The project was born from an idea that Stevie Kim , creator of the Italian Wine Podcast, perfected together with Gino Colangelo , head of the New York communication company Colangelo & Partners who underlines: " It is a series that holds many surprises for wine enthusiasts, curious to know what the wine greats drink. It is an opportunity to enter their daily life at a very special moment ".

Italian Wine Podcast is a podcast project in English dedicated to the Italian Wine People and the world of Italian wine. Now in its third season, it airs on SoundCloud, iTunes, XimalayaFM (for China) and on the official website, informing, educating and entertaining listeners with interviews with famous winemakers and critics from different regions of our country. The wine writer Monty Waldin , the main host of Italian Wine Podcast for three years, explains why he believes this communication tool is particularly effective: "The podcast format allows for a transparent, easy and totally friction-free use: there is no it is no filter between the public and the interviewee. For this reason, it gives a feeling of intimacy in listening to family stories, wines, innovation and branding, sales or market trends ".

The series will be broadcast until July at the following link , the appointment with Lamberto Frescobaldi is set for May 4 at 2.30 pm in Italy.