During Expo 2015, the Triennale hosts the “Camminare la Terra” exhibition for Luigi Veronelli.

“Camminare la Terra” (Walking on the land) is a major exhibition inspired by the thought of Luigi Veronelli to be held at the Triennale in Milan in January 2015. The initiative and the organization are the work of the Decennial Committee Luigi Veronelli, chaired by Gian Arturo Rota, who will be helped by the vice president Aldo Colonetti and by the scientific director Alberto Capatti.

“Camminare la Terra”, the exhibition

Walking on the land Veronelli met people who loved their products and found the tools for his job and for consumption. “Camminare la Terra” wants to bring to light the work method, the eclectic training and the tracks that show the way towards a desirable and necessary future, putting at the center of all land and culture.

«It will not be a path based on wine – the organizers explained – rather, wine will be the starting point to focus on the multifaceted personality of Veronelli: from his even intellectual relationship with the culture of food, to the battles that he argued in favor of the enhancement of quality extra virgin olive oil».

The exhibition aims to be the transposition of its large wine cellar, around which the tale of great symbolic stories will find space, that will outline a practical knowledge model useful to improve Italian production and “to bring back words to their things”.

Veronelli – journalist, editor, philosopher – is the intellectual who has most influenced the culture of food and drink in the Italy of the twentieth century, a pioneer of the themes of Expo on the nutrition of the planet.

The words of those who knew Veronelli

Recently, we have held a party in honor of the tenth anniversary of the death of Veronelli. There were many famous people present. Here are their words to live the experience and inspiration of Veronelli.

Pietro Antinori: «Without the inspiration and encouragement of Veronelli – the Marquis says – Tignanello would not exist, which is, for my family and for the entire industry, the renaissance of Italian wine».

Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food: «Veronelli has created the figure of the modern gastronome. With his cultured and sharp pen, he has been the first to identify a new path, and through his wondrous tales of wine, his travels, his walks in the land, he has inspired many people, me first. We miss that ardor of Gino in defending women and men who patrol the territories, who keep the local agriculture alive, who underpin the hydrogeological structure of this country that this is sliding on all sides».

Chef Alfonso Iaccarino: «I had two fathers, one was called Ernesto and the other Gino Veronelli. Gino has always followed our work and I his advice, since, at the beginning, he gave me a list of about ten foreign restaurants to visit. He experienced everything with unique passion, both when with his captivating voice he described a dish, and when he narrated a wine».