Civil Passion Trabucchi Award 2013 to Alex Zanotelli
Civil Passion Trabucchi Award 2013 to Alex Zanotelli

Civil Passion Trabucchi Award 2013 to Alex Zanotelli

Civil Passion Trabucchi Award 2013 to Alex Zanotelli

Alex Zanotelli has deserved the Trabucchi Award to the Civil Passion 2013. Now in its seventh edition, the prize is awarded with unquestionable decision of an illustrious jury composed of Mr. Trabucchi and the well-known protagonists of the previous editions: Ascanio Celestini, Marco Paolini, Gino Strada, Milena Gabanelli, Carlo Petrini, Gianni Minà, Massimo Cirri, Enrico Faccio.

Why the Civil Passion Award to Father Zanotelli?

Professor Trabucchi motivated the Civil Passion Award 2013: "The total unconditional dedication of Alex Zanotelli to the poor, is expression of his inner strength that comes from love for neighbors. He materializes the evangelical message. In front of the demonstrations of unbearable pain, in front of the suffering that you are not able to alleviate, Alex Zanotelli has the strength to feel alive, along with the living God, nomad who walks with the outcasts of the world: his passion, his spiritual force, is overwhelming".
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Why to celebrate Alex Zanotelli?

To celebrate Alex Zanotelli - Professor Giuseppe Trabucchi explained - means sharing with him the true values ​​that the whole humanity can share, and that he shared from the Korogocho slum in Nairobi, to the outskirts of Naples".

The awarding of the Civil Passion Award 2013: 30th June

The missionary will receive the award on Sunday, 30th June, at Villa Trabucchi in Illasi (Verona). Father Zanotelli will receive a bottle of a special Amarone from the wineries of the Trabucchi family: a simple and symbolic tribute, which wants to embody in its own taste the passion and dedication of the priest from Trentino. Professor Trabucchi continues: "This wine that we donate him is, itself, a symbol of the Civil Passion, because it contains the work and the age-old wisdom of those who produced it on the hills of Illasi".

Scheduled for Sunday, 30th June, at Cantina Trabucchi in Illasi
The day will revolve around the debate on civil passion with Zanotelli: the prize is Amarone Trabucchi, the family that for generations has waged civil wars and is working on several fronts in social issues.

3:30 pm - Meeting in Villa Trabucchi
3:45 pm - Introduction musical welcome
4:15 pm - "The value of the work of Alex Zanotelli" - Speech by Giuseppe Trabucchi
4:45 pm - Award
5:00 pm - Dialogues on the Civil Passion of Alex Zanotelli with Ascanio Celestini, Marco Paolini, Gianni Minà, Massimo Donà - Coordinates: Massimo Cirri
6:30 pm - Farewell Toast
Music by Lorenzo Monguzzi, Gualtiero Bertelli, Alessio Lega, Daniela Savoldi, Maurizio and Roberto Giannone (Corimé), Gianluca Casadei, Angelo Baselli

Admission is free until all seats.

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Civil Passion Trabucchi Award 2013 to Alex Zanotelli