From 4th to 7th March, as many as 1,500 visitors have crossed the threshold of the evocative halls of Castel Mareccio for the historic annual event dedicated to viticulture in South Tyrol

Bolzano Wine Tasting 2015: charm at the foot of the Alps

The Bolzano wines exhibition offered three days of discussion, knowledge and tasting. The first day it was possible to meet the producers and face those who every day follow closely the work in the vineyard and in the winery.
These are the opportunities offered by the 93th edition of the Bolzano Wine Tasting 2015, the historic event held from 4th to 7th March, which, as usual, saw the wines of South Tyrol together within a single space, the fascinating halls of Castel Mareccio, to make known to professionals and to the many fans the countless shades and suggestions of the wines of this magical land at the foot of the Italian Alps.

The success of 2015: to fascinate the large audience

The exhibition proved to be a great success with as many as 1,500 visitors who have come and gone during the three days and which comes out from the words of Werner Waldboth, marketing director of the South Tyrol Wines Consortium: "Numbers give us reason: the Bolzano Wine Tasting is a highly appreciated appointment. The new format that highlights the great aging potential of the South Tyrol wines has proved to be successful and identifies well one of their peculiarities. An aspect that fascinates both industry experts and wine lovers".

The richness of the wines of South Tyrol

Great aromatic features, tasting incisiveness and balance: these are the first characteristics that connoisseurs and enthusiasts chase when they approach to a wine, in its many versions and interpretations, coming from South Tyrol. But it is right longevity one of the most common words of the conversations that took place during the three days in Bolzano. The ability to ride over the years very well and knowing how to evolve to reach great tasting and olfactory heights long after the date of harvest and marketing are, in effect, among the aspects that have to be explored yet, characterizing decisively the wines of the South Tyrol wines, and that the full calendar of seminars and meetings scheduled as part of the Wine Tasting wanted to emphasize.

The vertical tastings

To sessions that provided an overview of the rich panorama of South Tyrol wines, vintage tastings of great charm followed.

Pinot Noir, one of the most legendary vineyards of the world scenario, which found a happy habitat in South Tyrol, has been the star of a vintage tasting, from 2001 to 2007, that had as its protagonist Pinot Noir Vigna S. Urbano J. Hofstaetter. Spotlight on Chardonnay, however, with the meeting dedicated to 4 years of Beyond The Clouds of Elena Walch, from the Vineyard of Castel Ringberg. Schiava (Vernatsch), with delicate hues and ideal to a less demanding consume, has surprised even the most skeptic ones with its amazing ability to evolve with great enthusiasm: 5 vintages, one of 1983, of Schiava Gschleier alte Reben of Cantina Girlan have demonstrated it.

Saturday, 7th March, it was the turn of three other standard–bearers of viticulture in South Tyrol: Lagrein, a native red grape, with 5 vintages of the Urban of Cantina Tramin. To follow,Schiava, this time blended with small amounts of Lagrein, showed its extraordinary intensity in 5 vintages of Santa Maddalena Classico Premstallerhof of Tenuta Hans Rottensteiner. To conclude, an international variety that in South Tyrol "feels" the terroir in an excellent way: 4 vintages of Cabernet Sauvignon Freienfeld of Cantina Cortaccia.

Source: Cs Bozano Wine Tasting Photo Credit: EOS / Alex Moling