Special Awards to: Alessandro Masnaghetti, for the maps of the wine territories To the book “Biodiversity viticulture the custodians, the vines, the wines” The “L'Anello Forte” association of Monforte d'Alba

The final awards ceremony of "Bere il Territorio" , the National Literary Competition promoted by Go Wine and now in its twenty-second edition, took place on Saturday 23 September at the Sala delle Maschere of the Grinzane Cavour Castle.

A cultural initiative that has always accompanied the life of the association founded in Alba in 2001, for a project aimed at promoting wine culture and wine tourism in Italy. For the first time, the final event was celebrated in the prestigious venue of the Grinzane Cavour Castle, in the presence of the Jury, the authorities and the public with a large presence of Go Wine members from various delegations in Italy.

Twenty-two editions represent a milestone and a sign of continuity.

Always confirming the basic idea: that is, "Drinking the territory", a title as a sort of provocation and a reference for this cultural project, to communicate a specific vision of wine, to unite attentive and aware winemakers and consumers, to promote a positive image of quality wine and the important social and cultural values it bears.

Meanwhile, the cultural initiative has been updated: in the latest editions the themes of research and sustainability are significantly flanked by the theme of storytelling.

The outcome of the awards ceremonies and the personalities present at Grinzane Castle reflected this plan.

Ugo Nespolo , designer, artist and writer was awarded the recognition of "the Master" of Drinking the territory.

The recognition of the "Maestro" was established starting from the third edition and aims to reward important figures of Italian culture, who can be a point of reference for younger people or witnesses of a particular relationship with the identity of places and material civilization that characterizes them.

Nespolo was the protagonist of a brilliant conversation, combining the themes of art, the artist's sensitivity and his eclecticism, recalling the value and colors of the wine landscape.

The recognition of “Il Maestro” has been attributed in previous editions to Luigi Meneghello, Niccolò Ammaniti, Claudio Magris, Lorenzo Mondo and Gianmaria Testa, Sebastiano Vassalli, Dacia Maraini, Alberto Arbasino, Enzo Bettiza, Franco Loi, Francesco Guccini, Pupi Avati, Raffaele La Capria, Gustavo Zagrebelsky, Maurizio Maggiani, Luciano Canfora, Marcello Fois, Maurizio Molinari, Paolo Pejrone and Tullio Pericoli.

In the general section the winner was Paola Vercellotti , who lived between Villareggia in Piedmont and Lille in France, with the story "Alba", inspired by a wine tourism itinerary in the Canavese lands, north of Turin and following the proposal of the competition announcement which invited the theme of travel to an Italian wine territory, recounting experiences and highlighting cherished values to the wine tourist.

A special prize was awarded to Alessandro Masnaghetti, journalist and publisher, for the important activity of Enogea, for having developed the theme of research over the course of his career and for having created many publications that invite in a documented way to travel the territories of wine Italian. Masnaghetti told the room some insights into his professional career, starting with his first publications with Gino Veronelli, of whom he was an important student. And then moving on to the idea of maps, after a long journey as a tasting journalist.

Still on the theme of research , but with regard to a publication that has wine as its theme or that, in any case, reserves special attention to wine, the recognition went to the volume " Biodiversity viticulture the custodians, the vines, the wines", published and expressed by the Graspo Association, born in Veneto in the last period. Aldo Lorenzoni accepted the award and took the opportunity of the event to talk about Graspo's objectives which are expressed in the book: that is, giving voice to ancient and abandoned vines, recalling the role of "guardians", carrying out an extraordinary work of dissemination , always in the name of a vision of "Drinking the territory".

The Barolo Langa received the recognition reserved for the theme of sustainability and indicated in the art. 8 of the Competition Notice. An Award established for the second consecutive year as a sign of the renewal of the design of the Competition, with roots linked to the territory of the Province of Cuneo, and according to some guidelines indicated by the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation.

The Award was also promoted with the patronage of the College of Surveyors of the Province of Cuneo.

The winner was the “L'Anello Forte” association , born from a group of wine women from Monforte d'Alba to work together in favor of eco-sustainability. Tackling with the help of university professors, technicians and creatives, the complexity of the circular economy linked to wine. And observing the paths taken by other companies in sectors other than the wine sector. Mirella Manzone (Manzone Giovanni winery) and Tiziana Parusso (Parusso winery) spoke in the room, accompanied by the Mayor of Monforte Livio Genesio. A beautiful message that valorises women involved in viticulture and, at the same time, sends a signal to the world of wine from a patrol of great Barolo wineries who, together, work as a team, not only to make great wines but to communicate important and current values such as those of the environment and the circular economy.

“An edition that marks a new turning point in the path of this Competition – say Go Wine . An evolution that follows the trend of the times and which contributes to keeping the message of “Drinking the territory” current and wine. We are grateful for the attention received and for sharing this experience with many members in the name of the Go Wine community which continues to grow. Thanks

to the Jury for its fundamental contribution, to the Piedmont Regional Enoteca for welcoming us to the prestigious headquarters of the Grinzane Castle and to the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation for its attentive support".

The competition jury is made up of: Gianluigi Beccaria (University of Turin), Piero Bianucci (writer and scientific journalist), Valter Boggione (University of Turin), Margherita Oggero (writer), Bruno Quaranta (La Repubblica), Massimo Corrado (Go Wine Association).