Councilor Caner's announcement in view of the focus of the Veneto Region, Veneto Agriculture and Avepa scheduled for Thursday 22 December in Lonigo (VI). On this occasion, the final numbers of the 2022 harvest in the Veneto region and of wine exports will be presented. Report by Veneto Agricoltura on the regional wine sector which, starting from exports, is showing itself to be in full health.

This was announced by the Councilor for Agriculture of the Veneto Region , Federico Caner , in view of the presentation of all the numbers of the last harvest scheduled for Thursday 22 December (10:00) in Lonigo-VI at the Collis Wine Group Cellar . The occasion is given by the third focus of the "historic" Vitivinicolo Triptych 2022, an event of the Veneto Region , Veneto Agriculture and Avepa which finally after two years, due to the pandemic, will return to take place in presence.

During the meeting, open to the public (registration here:, the eagerly awaited final balance of the last harvest in the Veneto will be presented, divided by province and grape type, resulting from the winegrowers' production declarations prepared by the regional offices and Avepa; in addition, international wine markets will be discussed, starting with the export of Veneto wine and the distribution channels used by wineries.

In the meantime, Veneto Agricoltura has just published an interesting Report which outlines the regional vineyard and the driving force of the Veneto wine sector . Let's see some passages of the elaborate which is available on

The regional vineyard area has reached almost 100,000 hectares (30% compared to 2012), mainly invested in Glera-Prosecco (36,150 hectares) and Pinot Grigio (16,020 hectares). Consider that together these two vines represent over 52% of the regional vineyard.

As regards the prices of the grapes raised by the producers this year, considering all the vine-growing types present in Veneto, there is an average quotation of 0.76 euro/kg (0.7% compared to 2021). In detail, at the provincial level, increases were recorded for Treviso and Verona, while for Padua the annual change remains negative. In fact, for Verona (0.79 euro/kg) there was an annual increase of 10.2%, while for Treviso (0.90 euro/kg) the growth in grape prices stopped at only 0.8% compared to the previous year. For the province of Padua (0.57 euro/kg), on the other hand, there is a loss of -9.9% compared to what was recorded in 2021.

Moving on to the export of Veneto wine , the analysis by Veneto Agricoltura confirms the recovery of sales of Veneto wine abroad, after the stagnation phase recorded in 2020. Last year, the regional turnover of the sector was close to 2.5 billion euros , marking a new historic record and registering an annual increase in cross-border sales of 11.1%. The quantities of Veneto wine exported have also increased, also reaching the historical record with 786 million kg and a growth of 7.2% compared to 2020. To underline how happy the 2021 vintage was for wine exports Veneto there is also the average selling price , which has risen to 3.17 euro/kg (3.7%).

41.6% of Veneto wines sold abroad are represented by sparkling wines which, after the slowdown recorded in 2020 due to the restrictions for Covid, have resumed an inexorable rise in sales, mostly of Prosecco, also confirmed for 2022. The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom are the main destinations for Veneto wine abroad (51%).