Ager Project: now TrentoDoc has a new Identity Card
Ager Project: now TrentoDoc has a new Identity Card

Ager Project: now TrentoDoc has a new Identity Card

Ager Project: now TrentoDoc has a new Identity Card

The identity card of Trentodoc that traces origin and composition has been created thanks to the "Ager Vino" project

Trentodoc can boast an identity card that describes this wine from the land to the bottle, and detects the over 2,000 volatile compounds that characterize it. This has been possible thanks to innovative chemical and molecular analysis implemented within the "Ager Vino" project.

The president of the Trentodoc Institute, Enrico Zanoni, said: «It is, for the Institute, a certification that allows Trentodoc to strengthen indisputably its origin and its identity: in effect, research reveals elements, until today unexplored, which make objective the link between the territory and Trentino’s bubbles that, now more than ever, can be defined of the mountain».

Ager Vino Project

For three years, the "New analytical methodologies for geographical and varietal tracking of wine products" project also analyzed Trentodoc from the chain, to the extended sampling of the various houses of sparkling wine. 200 are the analyzed samples among soils, branches, musts and wine. The study demonstrated the link between wine and territory of origin using several possible markers.

Trentodoc: the findings of the Acer project

– The profile of minerals and isotopic ratios remain unchanged in the soil–plant transition to the grapes and the finished product and change according to the territory. Wines memorize through these markers information about the geography and the composition of the soil of their homeland. From now on, then, you can figure out exactly where a Trentodoc was produced simply performing these analyzes.

– Using two–dimensional gas chromatography techniques coupled to mass spectrometry the aromatic complexity of Trentodoc was investigated and displayed for the first time in its entire wealth: 196 compounds, on the almost 2 thousand detected (before "only" 700 were known), characterize and make unique Trentodoc compared to other classic methods. Terpenes make a difference: aromatic varietal substances related to grapes, which are formed with the temperature changes during the ripening of grapes, typical of the climate of Trentino.

– Research has allowed to discover that the DNA of the vine is removable and can be analyzed not only by the vines and grapes, but also by the intermediate stages of wine processing. This is because special variety identification systems based on the analysis of the entire genome were developed.

The project was coordinated by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Of fundamental importance were the partnerships with the Edmund Mach Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The study on Trentodoc developed under the Ager platform – Agri–food and research, an initiative for scientific research in the agri–food sector supported by a consortium of 13 Italian banking foundations.



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Ager Project: now TrentoDoc has a new Identity Card