The new image of Verdicchio with the champion ELISA DI FRANCISCA

The director of the Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini (IMT), Alberto Mazzoni, HEERO creative project and the fencing champion from Marche launched the new campaign on social networks with a new Facebook page dedicated to Verdicchio to arrive, then, to the press and on the radio in coming months. In the fanpage, every week, we will tell the story of one of the hundred producers of Verdicchio delle Marche.

"Class and tenacity" with Elisa Di Francisca

Verdicchio stories of character wants to «express through images the deep territorial identity of this wine with a long tradition but at the same time its elegance and its strong personality», as explained by the HEERO studio who created the advertising. The face of the campaign will be Elisa Di Francisca with the slogan "Class and Tenacity". «Class and tenacity – Elisa Di Francisca said – summarize two characteristics inherent in the DNA of Verdicchio and that over the years have made this wine a great champion. Aspects in which I fully recognize myself, therefore I am proud to continue the promotion in Italy and on international scenarios of this wine so attached to my land». Alberto Mazzoni, director of IMT, said: «For the third year Verdicchio is confirmed the white wine champion of Italy with 61 awards by the major Italian guides assigned to 27 companies. Excellence is the result of stories of character and perseverance: two elements that distinguish both our producers that our fencing champion». Three claims that will support the "Stories of character" of Verdicchio, each dedicated to a different aspect of the territory: "Class and tenacity" that confirms the primacy of Verdicchio, the most awarded still white wine in Italy and the renewed partnership with Elisa Di Francisca; to follow, in a second tranche, the claim for the product, "Valuable by nature", and for the territory, "Authentic roots".