You can adopt rows of Garganega thanks to the project of the Soave Wine Road. Becoming an adoptive vinegrower allows you to enjoy the phases of the work of the winemaker: to help pruning, harvesting, to follow the processing of wine in the cellar, until you can taste the fruit of the work with 12 bottles of Soave Wine.
Why to become Adoptive Vinegrowers?

The Soave Wine Road proposes to adopt lots of 50 Garganega vines to offer the unique experience of becoming a winemaker. The adoption helps to create a bond with the wonderful land of production of the Soave wine, to know the people and companies and watch the stages of production that from Garganega grapes lead to the glass the unique white wine.

With "Adopt a Garganega" you will discover what it means to take care of your wine from the vineyard to the table.

Why to adopt the vineyards in the Lands of Soave?

The Lands of Soave offer unique and charming landscapes. They are hills to be discovered slowly, wandering among rows of vineyards and environments modeled by nature and men. Places where traditions associated with rural culture are surviving, where you can discover unique and unforgettable landscapes. To adopt vineyards in the Lands of Soave means being part of a wealth of authentic, true and fascinating traditions.

What can the Adoptive Vinegrower do?

The adoptive vinegrower can follow the production cycle of the vineyard adopted with news by e–mail and in person visiting the territory of the Soave Wine Road. It will be possible to help pruning, harvesting, to follow the processing of wine in the winery, to the withdrawal of 12 bottles of Soave Doc to be received each year, whose label can be personalized with a name, a line of poetry or a dedication.

After the second year of adoption, the name of the adoptive vinegrower will be posted on the pole head of the adopted row, too.

The wineries of Soave giving availability to adoption are:

Balestri Valda in Soave, Cantina di Soave (Borgo Rocca Sveva), Ca’ Rugate in Montecchia di Crosara, Coffele in Soave, Collis Veneto Wine Group in Monteforte d’Alpone, Corte Moschina in Roncà, Daniele Nardello in Monteforte d’Alpone, El Vegro in Monteforte d’Alpone, Franchetto Antonio in Roncà, T.E.S.S.A.R.I. in Monteforte d’Alpone, Vicentini Agostino in Colognola ai Colli.

How to join "Adopt a Garganega"

Send an email to the Soave Wine Road Association ( with request of information. Afterwards you will be sent the covenant of adoption to be signed and sent back filled in all its parts.