Ais Veneto organized the first Master dedicated to Soave. 17 sommeliers from all over Italy competed for this coveted title.

Soave Master is the competition conceived and organized by AIS Veneto that was held from 5 to 7 September 2015 on the occasion of Soave Versus, the event organized by the Consortium for the Protection of Soave.

The competition was launched to promote the Veronese white wine for excellence. The AIS national president Antonello Maietta said Soave is appreciated both by the public and by experts for its great adaptability, an aspect highlighted during the competition by the preparation and the matching skills demonstrated by the competitors in the race.

Who is the first ambassador of Soave?

Andrea Galanti has won the first edition of Soave Master and for a year will have the honor and privilege of being the Best Sommelier of Soave 2015.

Andrea Galanti has a great family experience behind, with Gastronomia Galanti in Florence, that boasts a history of over 60 years. Already winner of numerous awards this year has already received the title of Best Sommelier in Tuscany.

Why the ambassador of Soave?

The importance of the role of Ambassador of Soave was also reaffirmed by the Director of the Consortium of Soave Aldo Lorenzoni, who strongly believed in the project of AIS Veneto: in effect, this first edition of the course was held in baptism by Soave Versus, an event organized by the Consortium for the Protection of Soave. The Chairman of the Consortium Arturo Stocchetti has finally recognized how Soave is a wine for all occasions, able to bring near tasters, technicians and the public, enhancing the primacy of the white wine of the country.

Much satisfaction was expressed by Marco Aldegheri, Chairman of AIS Veneto: «This competition was thought as a real springboard for young sommeliers and an opportunity to test the talents of the nursery of the Veneto contests school. I am especially pleased with the high level of the participants, many from outside the region with the desire to prove to the jury their preparation on this local product born in the volcanic soil and that tells a good story of winemaking in our region».

Source: Gheusis