Castagner: «No to health labels for spirits and wines, the candidacy of Italian cuisine for UNESCO World Heritage is good. It is wrong to demonize products such as wine and grappa: they are part of the Mediterranean culture that the whole world envies us».

Sales of Prosecco Ice fly up 40%: the news comes in conjunction with the launch of "Summer Ice 2023": a tour of the premises and an innovative national press campaign that undermines the traditional communication canons of grappa. In these days, in fact, the Castagner Distillery has announced the double-digit growth, in the first 5 months of 2023 compared to the same period of 2022, of the revolutionary white grappa created specifically by the Venetian master distiller, Roberto Castagner, to be drunk iced.

«We believed in it right away and the results arrived - comments the founder and CEO of the company from Vazzola (TV), Roberto Castagner -. All our efforts and our vision have been rewarded and confirmed by the market, customers have understood that we are not just promoting a product, but a new way of drinking grappa, giving the opportunity to younger people and women to appreciate the our flag distillate. Furthermore, the freshness makes it more palatable even to those who usually do not drink grappa».

Thursday 6 July the debut of "Summer Ice 2023" on the occasion of the open-air gala dinner "Night of Emotions": five chefs will offer the best of their culinary tradition in the evocative setting of Piazza Cima in Conegliano, an event in which the Castagner Distillery has been participating for years as a sponsor, this year with Prosecco Ice. The evenings will continue throughout the month of July, on Thursdays and Fridays, in the 5 restaurants between Treviso and Venice that have been selected to promote the project.

Castagner then intervenes on Ireland's choice to indicate the possible damage caused by alcohol on labels, criticizing the initiative that has become law in that country and instead supports the candidacy of Italian cuisine for UNESCO World Heritage status. «Prohibitions are useless - he explains - it is wrong to demonize products such as wine and grappa: they are part of the Mediterranean diet that the whole world envies us. What we have to promote is conscious drinking. These evenings were intended precisely to relaunch the culture of good food and good drink, they are events in which we combine wine with food and grappa with dessert».

«Italy - he adds - is the second country in the world for longevity thanks also to our food habits and grappa belongs to the Mediterranean culture which, taken in its broadest sense, includes the concept of feeling good together and good living. 30 cl of grappa (the same amount of alcohol as 100 cl of wine) correspond to an emotion, to a conscious drinking that accompanies the dessert, which can be an ice cream, a fruit salad or a summer sweet. And to those who drive, who must not drink, we will give one

complimentary bottle of Prosecco Ice, to be tasted safely at home».

«Tasting a good grappa - concludes Castagner - is to immoderate alcohol consumption what music is to noise: two sounds with completely different values».

Roberto Castagner, one of the most famous and important names in quality grappa in the Veneto region, has found a way to enhance the Italian distillate par excellence by changing the way of drinking it. Prosecco Ice is not a traditional grappa to be consumed cold, but a grappa produced with an innovative system, specially created to give its best when frozen: the cold does not weaken its aromas, but on the contrary enhances them, making it more pleasant and versatile.

Produced from Glera grapes, the same ones used for the most famous sparkling wine in the world, it is fruity and floral, savory and long, it brings with it all the more delicate aromas of Prosecco which, thanks to the cold, are released in a fresh and unprecedented explosion .