Prosecco DOC at the toast of Google for the presentation in New York of SWILL, the most recent app created for Google Glass.

Google has chosen Prosecco DOC for the toast to its latest novelty linked to Google Glass: SWILL, the first alcohol delivery app dedicated to the world of drinking. The presentation was held in Google New York in Chelsea in the presence of as well as 150 journalists of the most prestigious American headlines.

Prosecco wine to Toast?

“Prosecco DOC–Italian Genio” that has achieved attention and appreciation of the present public at the important event in New York.

Why Prosecco DOC – Italian Genio?

The claim wants to highlight the happy moment of growth of Prosecco DOC making the distinctive personality and the strong bond with the territory of origin stand out. «With its flowery bouquet and its fresh, light and lively flavor, Prosecco DOC can be read as the symbol of a perfect Italian lifestyle and of the brilliant creativity that has characterized over time our Country and in particular the geographical area where this wine comes from: North–Eastern Italy, where natural beauty and great art combine in perfect harmony that finds its highest expression in well–famous cities such as Venice or Trieste».

Why Prosecco DOC in New York with Google?

«It is the umpteenth action of co–marketing launched by the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC – President Stefano Zanette explains – In the previous days we were in Munich organizing tastings within Inhorgenta Munich, the festival of gold that is very important for Germany and not only, able to attract more than 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries of the world. Beyond the interesting showcase built by the event in itself, our logo appeared in the official background of the event next to prestigious brands, such as AUDI, just to mention one».

Zanette also says: “Probably, we will announce new, interesting and unusual collaborations soon”.