In some English pubs they sell Prosecco on tap, the Fraud Repression Inspectorate (ICQRF) of Mipaaf is taking action with the British authorities in order to take measures to face the problem and to stop this kind of sale that is absolutely not in accordance with European laws that regulate products with Designation of Origin.

The Consortia of Prosecco producers, in effect, are highly on the alert for this type of pouring, which hurts manufacturers and does not offer any guarantee to consumers who drink sparkling wine in a manner that is not permitted by the regulations, or even counterfeit.

«There was a very ready response from the Mipaaf with the Fraud Repression Inspectorate that has asked the British authorities to intervene» Giancarlo Vettorello, director of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore (DOCG) Consortium confirms to Adnkronos.

«Individual episodes were reported and blocked 2–3 years ago, – Vettorello explains – but this year the phenomenon has repeated in a more consistent way. Prosecco is enjoying great success in England and can be drunk also in pubs. However, by law, it can never be served on tap but only in sealed glass bottles to ensure the authenticity of the product».

Interpol and Europol intervened after several reports by the "Prosecco System", a newly established company that collects the three consortia of protection of this made in Italy excellence (2 DOCG and 1 DOC), right to take safeguard action even through their lawyers.