Asolan bubbles, still growing, are the protagonists of the advertising campaign involving 180 bicycles and e-bikes and the city's historic trams.

Asolo Prosecco arrives in Milan with a new communication campaign that involves the city's historic trams and the bike sharing station in Piazza del Duomo, with a fleet of 180 bicycles and e-bikes. The initiative, commissioned by the Asolo Prosecco Consortium , aims to consolidate the presence of Asolo bubbles in the Lombard capital and to propose them as a family toast for the Christmas holidays. The images used tell of the territory of Asolo and the surrounding municipalities, which together make up the "cru" of the high hills where the Glera vineyards from which the Asolo Prosecco are born.
“We decided to invest in Milan - explains Ugo Zamperoni , president of the Asolo Prosecco Consortium - because it is the capital of the Italian economy, fashion and design. It is in Milan that the new trends are decided, and our Asolo Prosecco is certainly the trendy bubble. This is demonstrated by the numbers of the denomination , which are still increasing despite the difficult period our country is going through: we have in fact recorded a positive trend of 3% in the last nine months. Further confirmation of the success of Asolo Prosecco are the excellent results obtained by our wines in this year's national and international competitions, demonstrating our qualitative growth ".
An Asolo Prosecco communication campaign aimed at the public in Milan and its province will also be active on the Consortium's social profiles, with the aim of promoting purchases through traditional channels and e-commerce. The campaign will also suggest combinations with easy-to-prepare recipes for a home aperitif. Later the main squares of the Veneto and the most important Italian cities such as Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples and Catania will also be involved.