The measure was approved by the Shareholders' Meeting in order to guarantee full future availability of the product

The 'Shareholders' Meeting dell'Asolo Prosecco, which met yesterday in Asolo, passed a resolution that not only are not reduced yields per hectare, as have decided many other denominations, but that provision is made even with the upcoming harvest in 2020 to require so-called harvest reserve , assuming that the excess production of the Asol DOCG could in the future be converted to Asolo Prosecco in the event of excess demand. The demand for Asolo Prosecco from domestic and foreign markets continues to remain lively and this has prompted the Protection Consortium to adopt a measure that guarantees full future availability of products against existing contracts.
Specifically, the decision taken by the Asolo Prosecco Consortium Assembly focuses on the use of the so-called countryside surplus , i.e. the 20% production tolerance that the legislation allows beyond the yield of 135 quintals per hectare envisaged by the specification. The measure now taken means that this excess can be temporarily blocked on the cellar records, and that the Consortium, if the demand continues to grow and once the members are heard, can in the future release it as Asolo Prosecco.
“Given the times - comments the president of the Asolo Prosecco Consortium, Ugo Zamperoni - what we have assumed for Asolo Prosecco is a decidedly counter-trend . In recent weeks the news of the world of wine is telling us, in fact, of many restrictive measures, rather than expansive measures such as ours. The fact is that last year's harvest was qualitatively exceptional and this is helping to retain an increasingly demanding public, so much so that the charm of our hill cru is conquering new markets and new consumers, unexpected only up to a few months does. Up to 30 June, Asolo Prosecco's performance was 8.3% higher and the signals we receive seem to indicate that the growth trend continues . Given the non-homogeneous dynamics as in the past of the denominations similar to us, we need to maintain a certain competitiveness as a denomination, avoiding that an excess of demand leads to a tension on prices. Last but not least, it is necessary that all existing contracts can count on a minimum of stocks capable of satisfying any new request, something that the provision of the harvest reserve that we have taken on fully guarantees ".

Consortium Asolo Prosecco