All the awarded wines obtained a score higher than 86.4 points, a sign of the great quality of the labels in competition.

In the medal table, 12 wineries from Trentino, 3 from South Tyrol and 3 from Germany. Of the 18 “best”, 12 are 2019 productions, 5 are from 2018 and 1 from 2017, confirming the potential of the variety.

The award ceremony of the 17th edition of the Müller Thurgau International Wine Competition took place yesterday evening, Friday 16 October , in conjunction with the 33rd edition of the Müller Thurgau: Mountain Wine review , organized by the Valle di Cembra Exhibition Committee with the support of Trentino Marketing, the coordination of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route as part of the promotion of the provincial wine events called #trentinowinefest , and the support of the Trentino Wine Consortium.

Present at the ceremony, Mirko Bisesti , Councilor for Culture of the Province of Trento; Michele Passerini , Deputy Secretary General of the Trento Chamber of Commerce; Pietro Patton , President of the Trentino Wines Consortium; and Rosario Pilati , President of the Territorial Technical Committee Avisiane Hills, Faedo, Cembra Valley of the Trentino Wine and Flavors Route. During the speeches everyone wanted to remember the importance of an event like this organized, in complete safety, thanks to the stubbornness that distinguishes the mountain people, the same that makes cultivation possible on the daring slopes of the Cembra Valley. It was also underlined how this necessary change of formula, with the tastings at Palazzo Roccabruna in Trento, instead of in Cembra, turned out to be a great opportunity to go outside the boundaries of the valley and make the product and what lies behind it better known. to it, such as the commitment of 800 working hours per hectare which is much greater than that of other more mechanized areas also due to the problems related to the maintenance of dry stone walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Difficulties that make the landscape unique, as evidenced by the recent registration of the Valley in the Register of Historic Rural Landscapes of Italy.

Of the 60 wines competing - of which 51 Italians from Trentino and Alto Adige and 9 foreigners from Germany and Hungary - 18 won the Gold Medal thanks to a score of over 86.4 points.

" An exceptionality that we had recorded only in 2018 - commented Renzo Folgheraiter, President of the Mostra Valle di Cembra Committee - which certifies the high quality standards of the wines in competition. In reality - he specified - many more labels would have deserved the medal but by regulation the number of winners cannot exceed 30% of those taking part. We are sorry not to have been able to carry out the usual tasting of the winning wines - he concluded - but we can already say we are satisfied to have managed to overcome the difficulties of Covid and to have received such an answer I believe that the work carried out in recent years is important for companies ”.

Of the 18 awarded with the Gold Medal , 12 are wines from Trentino : San Rocco IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti Müller Thurgau 2019 by Azienda Agricola Casimiro ; San Lorenz DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 by Bellaveder ; Lavis Classici DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 by Cantina La Vis ; Cortuta DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2018 from Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo ; Casata Monfort DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 by Cantine Monfort ; Musivum DOC Trentino Superiore Cembra Müller Thurgau 2017 by Cantine Mezzacorona ; IGT Vineyards of the Dolomites Müller Thurgau 2019 by Cantine Simoni ; Bottega Vinai DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 by Cavit ; Vigna delle Forche DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2018 of Cembra mountain winery ; DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 of the Mach Foundation ; DOC Trentino Müller Thurgau 2019 by Gaierhof ; Pietramontis DOC Trentino Superiore Valle di Cembra Müller Thurgau 2018 by Villa Corniole .

To these are added 3 Alto Adige , or DOC Alto Adige Valle Isarco Müller Thurgau 2019 by Cantina Bolzano ; Graun DOC Alto Adige Müller Thurgau 2018 by Cantina Kurtatsch and DOC Alto Adige Val Venosta 2019 by Castel Juval , and 3 Germans , Deutscher Qualitateswein Pfalz Rivaner Trocken Edeshelmer Ordensgut 2019 by Anselmann ; Mardorfer Deutscher Müller Thurgau Trocken 2018 by Winzerverein Hagnau ; and Deutscher Qualitateswein Rivaner Trocken 2019 of KK-Weine .

The scores were assigned by a quality commission composed of 18 members divided into oenologists, sommeliers - representing the various associations - and journalists from the sector press, through blind tastings in which each wine was analyzed as a whole, taking into account considering sight, smell, taste and taste-smell and calculating the average after eliminating the highest and lowest results.

At the end of the tasting, there was a general amazement for the longevity of the productions, even more evident due to the shift of the tasting from its traditional location in July to the extraordinary one in October. The scores obtained this year by wines from 2018 and 2017 are certainly a confirmation of the excellent work done by the wineries over the years, but at the same time represent an interesting opportunity, given the repercussions that the market has suffered in recent months for via the health situation, because they demonstrate how the Müller Thurgau of the most suitable areas are able to express an interesting potential for aging.

The wines in competition can be tasted until Saturday 17 October in the halls of Palazzo Roccabruna-Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino , made available by the Trento Chamber of Commerce.




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