MondoMerlot 2014 elected the best merlot in Italy. Here is the complete list

Also this year Merlot has come back to Aldeno, the village has become a capital of wine, among wine tasting, folklore and healthy food.

Increasing is the participation of the most influential national wine companies with 150 Merlot ready to be tasted and evaluated in their individual territorial identities from north to south.

The competition was divided into four categories, and the jury was composed of 36 commissioners (oenologists, sommeliers, journalists) under the guidance of the Chairman of the commissions Salvatore Maule.

The award ceremony of the winning wines will be held at the Geremia palace of Aldeno on the opening day of the Exhibition of Italian Merlot "MondoMerlot", scheduled from 24th to 26th October at the Theatre of Aldeno.

Below are the complete results of the 4 categories.

MondoMerlot 2014: the best Merlot in Italy

Category DOC/DOCG – vintages 2013/2012

1° Azienda Cavit – Trento

Trentino Doc Merlot "Bottega Vinai" 2012

2° Azienda Agricola La Cura – Massa Marittima (Gr)

Maremma Toscana Doc Merlot 2012

3° Cantina Sociale Mori – Colli Zugna – Mori (Tn)

Trentino Doc Merlot "Vini del Gelso" 2012

Category DOC/DOCG – previous vintages

1° Cantina Aldeno – Aldeno (Tn)

Trentino Doc Merlot "Riserva" 2010 – BEST MERLOT OF TRENTINO

2° Gualdo del Re – Suvereto (Li)

Val di Cornia Suvereto Doc Merlot "I’Rennero" 2010

3° San Simone di Brisotto – Porcia (Pn)

Friuli Grave Doc Merlot Riserva "Evante" 2011

Category IGT – vintages 2013/2012

1° Azienda Cescon Italo Storia e Vini – Roncadelle di Ormelle (Tv)

Veneto Igt Merlot "Chieto" 2012 – BEST NATIONAL MERLOT

2° Azienda Agricola Nardin Walter – Roncadelle di Ormelle (Tv)

Delle Venezie Igt Merlot "Rosso del Nane – La Zerbaia" 2012

3° Tenuta Maddalena –Volta Mantovana (Mn)

Alto Mincio Igt Merlot "Monte Cervo" 2012

Category IGT – previous vintages

1° Rocca di Castagnoli – Gaiole in Chianti (Si)

Toscana Igt Merlot "Le Pratola" 2009

2° Tenuta La Parrina – Albinia di Orbetello (Gr)

Maremma Toscana Igt Merlot "Radaia" 2007

3° Tenuta Vicchiomaggio – Greve in Chianti (Fi)

Toscana Igt Merlot "Castello Vicchiomaggio FSM" 2011