To Lambrusco, the "Ager Enologia" project is dedicated, a scientific research of the University of Modena for the protection of traceability to bring out the truth on the territory of origin, the methods of production and the people accompanying the complete chain of production, from the land to the final consumer.

New Methodologies for the traceability of Lambrusco

The young researchers at the University of Modena have identified new analytical methods for the geographical and varietal traceability of Lambrusco.

The research has developed a model for the traceability of the Modena Lambrusco Wines Consortia, demonstrating that it is possible to describe in a scientifically objective way the characteristics of a wine.

The quality of a food product beyond the DNA

"The concept of quality of a food – Andrea Marchetti says, professor at the University of Modena and Reggio and project coordinator – encapsulates the properties derived from the DNA of the product, in addition to the specific characteristics arising out of environmental and territorial factors. Therefore, if the characterization of the DNA determines the varietal specifications of a food product, to determine its geographical origin or its raw materials and to characterize the production process, that is the added value which can contribute to a better protection of both producers and consumers".

This scientific research to improve quality wants to further protect PDO and PGI trademarks for producers and consumers. The scientific traceability of the geographical origin becomes scientific development of the real economy and of the territory.

Human resources to disseminate expertise

"In addition to the research work carried out by the participating partners – Professor Marchetti concludes – a not insignificant aspect, equally important along with the results obtained, was the one of the training provided to students and doctorands involved in the various stages of the study. These newly specialized operators, thanks to knowledge and skills acquired, are certainly an indispensable resource for all those companies who wish to act as a reference point for production and product innovation".

This is a study funded by 13 banking foundations, including the Cassa di Risparmio of Modena Foundation, coordinated by the researchers of the Department of Chemistry and Geology of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in partnership with Edmund Mach Foundation and the Ministry of Agricultural Policies.