Forbes praised the joys of Lambrusco and of the Emilia Romagna food

On Forbes, the food critic David Rosengarten has dedicated a special edition to wine and food of Emilia Romagna.

The Reporter made a journey to discover the gems of wine and food of Emilia Romagna. In narrating his satisfaction on Forbes, he focused mainly on Lambrusco, dedicating it an heartfelt praise.

The sparkling red wine is described as a non–pretentious wine, for those who love to drink.

Broth and Lambrusco

In Emilia Romagna the traditional Lambrusco wine has always been drunk to accompany the traditional dishes of these lands.

Rosengarten illustrates Lambrusco as a wine whose points of strength are its ability to perfectly accompany the rich cuisine of Emilia Romagna and its low complexity.

In addition, according to a local custom, the food critic has spilled some Lambrusco on his tortellini in brodo. Rosengarten has particularly enjoyed the mixture of broth and Lambrusco in his plate of steaming tortellini.

Lambrusco in North America

The journalist of Forbes pointed out that in North America they have a distorted perception of Lambrusco. The Americans are convinced that this wine is sweet, and this false belief has been caused by inadequate promotions of this wine made ​​in the 70s and 80s.

Recently, also in the U.S. they begin to understand Lambrusco for what it is, the reporter told. The trend is reversing and even in the United States they begin gradually to perceive the Lambrusco for what it is.

Rosengarten advised Americans to seek Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, Salamino and Sorbara. Then, it will become easy to organize a dinner–party.