The Piedmontese wines Barolo and Barbaresco DOCG are now protected by Ergo Omnes.

The Consortium asks all the wineries that produce these wines to contribute together to the preservation of the two designations of origin.

Producers are harvesting Nebbiolo grapes in the Langhe area. Companies begin to pick up the fruits in Barbaresco and in a few days producers will start also on the hills of Barolo.

The Consortium of Barolo and Barbaresco work hard for the protection and supervision of the denomination. Is part of this framework the application of the Erga Omnes rule laid down by the Legislative Decree No. 61 of 2010.

This means that brand and name of Barolo and Barbaresco are recognized at all levels as a collective heritage under the coordination of the Consortium.

The 996 wineries producing Barolo and Barbaresco, members of the Consortium or not, will contribute for the sake of the two denominations:

“There are few thousandths for each bottle produced - the president of the Consortium Pietro Ratti remembers - which will be used only to support the activities of protection of the designation and the supervision directly on the shelf. The costs of this monitoring activity are very high: since 2009 the Consortium has invested more than 250,000 € for the registration of the brand Barolo and Barbaresco in all countries of the world. As this initiative involves the entire sector, it was decided to use the powers conferred by Erga Omnes to make also non-member producers pay the fee for the monitoring activity, in order to defend an important segment of the agricultural economy of the Langhe area”.


11 municipalities where it is produced

1977 hectares of vineyards

13 million bottles

78% value of exports


4 municipalities where it is produced

702 hectares of vineyards

4 million and 300 thousand bottles

70% value of exports