The young architects who participated in the competition of ideas for designing the "Wine Culture Centre" in the lands of Amarone for the Valpolicella Negrar Winery have been awarded. The competition enriches the Valpolicella Negrar Winery and the community.

For over 80 years the Valpolicella Negrar Winery (Verona) has distinguished itself for its excellent production of Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Recioto.

The Valpolicella Negrar Winery in April 2014 launched a "competition of ideas and design" with Young Architects Competitions. Young architects were asked to design the transformation of the Winery to become an "architectural manifesto of leadership and product quality: a place of culture, education and tasting, available to those who – as neophytes and experts – want to approach one of the most fascinating expressions of the human race: wine".

The jury was made up of renowned designers: Nicola Scaranaro of Foster+Partners (London), Alfonso Femia of the Studio 5+1 AA (Genoa), Markus Scherer of Markus Scherer Architekt (Merano), Fiorenzo Valbonesi of ASV3 (Cesena) and Antonio Ravalli of the Studio Antonio Ravalli Architetti (Ferrara).

Here are the three winners of the Competition of Ideas and design for the Wine Culture Centre of the Valpolicella Negrar Winery

First Prize

Team: Team V

Members: Dominik Ko?ak, Rok Prima?ič, Ambro? Bartol, Miha Munda, Rok Staudacher

Second Prize

Team: Cavejastudio + Davide Lorenzato

Members: Alessandro Pretolani, Filippo Pambianco, Davide Lorenzato

Third Prize

Team: MK

Members: Moreau Kusunoki, Hiroko Kusunoki

Alessandro Cecchini, President of YAC, said: «We are talking about emotionally connoted solutions, achieved through light and gentle interventions, that do not bring into question the existing system, characterized by technical and financial feasibility and sustainability. A successful operation, therefore, which shows the liveliness and dynamism of the design world, with revolutionary proposals and solutions».

The competition enriches the Valpolicella Negrar Winery and the community

«Thanks to the Wine Culture Centre project a technical–design result of great value has been achieved, on which we will draw in the near future to transform the roof, the warehouse, the fruit loft and the guided tour», Floriano Fasoli, vice president of the Valpolicella Negrar Winery, said.

Antonio Ravalli, architect and juror, added: «(...) The theme of the winery is winning because it allows us to reflect on the territory as a primary asset, starting from the primitive sense of the production. Do research on a private wine cellar – focusing on the relationship with the soil, on the recovery of values and basic needs, on the interpretation of context and traditions – inevitably leads to an opportunity for the entire community of Negrar».

The projects on display

In the Author Barrel Cellar of the Winery ( the exhibition of the top 46 projects has been set up, including the first 16 winning and mentioned ones, to visit by appointment.

(info tel. 045–6014300)

The complete results on:–competition.htm

The Valpolicella Negrar Company had launched a design competition in collaboration with Young Architects Competitions (YAC) and the Order of Architects PPC of Verona, the Bologna University, the IUAV of Venice, and The Plan Magazine.