Riccardo Cotarella, Heinz-Joachim Fischer, Guido Francesconi, Ettore Prandini and Guido Ruffini: these five newly invested Knights of Snodar (Sovrano e Nobilissimo Ordine dell’Amarone e del Recioto).

The Grand Master Arnaldo Sempreboni, on 5th April, invested the Knights of Snodar at the Negrar Valpolicella Winery. The new Knights who have entered the Order have become ambassadors of Valpolicella wines nationally and internationally. They are 5 illustrious names related to wine, to the land, to Made in Italy.

Who are the new five new Knights of Amarone and Recioto?

oenologist and Chairman of the Italian Oenologists and Oenotechnicians. He is also President of the Scientific Committee of the Wine Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan.

Fischer: a German journalist and author who has written six books on Italy and some regions in particular. He has received numerous prestigious journalistic awards.

Francesconi: is in charge of General Affairs and Risk Management of the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital of Negrar. He is Commendatore since 1994 and Master of Labour since 2000.

Ettore Prandini: he is farmer entrepreneur in the family zootechnic dairy cattle in Lonato Del Garda and has started with his sister a winegrowing and winemaking business. National Deputy Chairman of Coldiretti and Chairman of Coldiretti Lombardia, he is engaged in the defense of a quality agriculture and in the enhancement of the food excellence.

Guido Ruffini: agronomist, from Terni, he has been the Director of Coldiretti Verona since the February of last year.

The legendary story of Snodar

It is said that, on a late afternoon in April 1320, in the magnificent castle of Marano, Federico della Scala, Count of Valpolicella proceeded to the investiture of the first Knights of Recioto.

On 7th April 1969, resuming the tradition, the Equestrian Masters of the Sovrano e Nobilissimo Ordine dello Antico Recioto were invested, while on the 1st May 1969, in Pedemonte, the Contea del Vino della Valpolicella which includes the Municipalities of Negrar, Marano, Fumane, S.Pietro Incariano and S.Ambrogio was officially founded.

Valpolicella has an ancient dignity of County, one and indivisible with the Sovrano e Nobilissimo Ordine dello Antico Recioto representing the traditions and ambassador of wine in the world.