Thursday 11 June (10: 00-11: 30) Veneto Agricoltura proposes, this year online, the first Focus of 2020 of the now "historic" event. On this occasion, the health status of the Veneto vineyard will be reviewed and the first indications of production will be provided. Appointment with sector operators on the ZOOM platform.

The event, which usually takes place in Conegliano, will be held online on the ZOOM platform due to the emergency for Covid-19, from 10:00 to 11:30.

During the webinar, the vegetative and phytosanitary state of the Veneto vineyard will be reviewed, also in relation to the weather trend in the first half of the year. The very first advances on the next harvest will also be provided, thanks to the data collected by a "network" of operators belonging to some Wineries and Consortiums for the Protection of the Veneto.

At the moment, the indications that come from the various regional wine-growing areas bode well, given that the health status in the vineyards is good and that from a quantitative point of view, the harvest is already expected to be medium-high . Certainly it will be an early harvest compared to the last few years, in particular compared to 2019. The Veneto vineyard therefore shows to be in good health , the vegetation is almost everywhere healthy and for now there are no major problems of late blight . Some concerns come from the front of the golden Flavescence and above all from the Pinot Grigio virosis . However, the technicians confirm a situation that is currently favorable for almost all grape varieties, with plants well laden with fruits, apart from Pinot Grigio and probably for some black berried vines.

For many years, the three appointments of the Wine Triptych (scheduled for June, August and January of the following year) represent an important opportunity for operators to analyze the sector during the crucial phases of the wine year.

NB .: to participate in the online event you need to access the Veneto Agriculture ZOOM platform at the following link:

(or using ID 985 9829 7231).


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