The Venetian cooperative is the main sponsor of the Emergente Chef and Emergente Pizza competitions organized by Witaly - Luigi Cremona.

The first is a competition of Italian chefs under 30, organized annually by Witaly since 2004, and is divided into three phases: the North Selection, the Central South Selection and the Final. Instead, the "Emerging Pizza Chef of Italy" award has been held since 2013, in parallel with the competition reserved for chefs.

The first opportunity to inaugurate this partnership will be the Emergent Northern Italy stage, which will take place on 4 and 5 July in Milan in the prestigious Villa Terzaghi, the institutional headquarters of the educational project promoted by the Maestro Martino Association chaired by chef Carlo Cracco.

On that occasion, Vitevis becomes the promoter of an important sustainability award which will be assigned to a chef and a pizza maker by a jury of selected experts. The ability to apply the principles of sustainability in the proposed dishes will be evaluated.

In addition to the Sustainability Award , the Award for the Best Dish-Wine Pairing will also be awarded: in fact, each competitor will be asked to choose the wine from the Vitevis selection that goes best with the dish or pizza proposed to the jury.

“Wine and catering go hand in hand and the pursuit of excellence in both fields is what characterizes the increasingly demanding requests of the international consumer in recent years. This drives us to continue to seek ever better quality and to bring it to the table in combination with excellent dishes, such as those we will see during the competition” explains the director of Vitevis Alberto Marchisio .

“We also found ourselves proposing an award for Sustainability , because our cooperative has been working in this direction for years and is sensitive to this issue. 50% of the production is SQNPI and our group of agronomists works on a project to optimize the use of water and fertilization on the Pinot Grigio variety and from this year also Glera. A recent novelty is an app that allows each member to monitor his vineyard with satellite data and weather forecasts, as well as having the possibility of geolocating a plant that presents symptoms of virus stress or other. Furthermore, the interactive campaign notebook helps in choosing the active principle to be used in compliance with the regional and company rules on phytosanitary defence. We are also proud of the Noi CompensiAmo project: in 3 years out of 90 members and 700 hectares, the balance between emissions and removals has generated a positive result of 4,719 tons of CO2eq” concludes Marchisio.