On November 30th, at the Bank of Asti, a conference will be held entirely dedicated to the topics of the consequences of climate change in agriculture and the research underway to address the problem.

The event represents, for the Consortium and the Bank, an important moment of dissemination and awareness of the problems linked to the climate crisis that viticulture is facing and which increasingly concern the farms and wineries involved in the sector. In particular, the initiative underlines the commitment of the two bodies in finding a concrete answer starting from the data that scientific research and experimentation in the agricultural sector make available.

The will of the Barbera d'Asti and Vini del Monferrato Consortium is to create a dialogue between winemakers and credit institutions so that new interests and investments aimed at viticulture can arise . – declares the President of the Consortium Vitaliano Maccario . As representatives of small and large companies in the wine world of our territory, we work to develop new forms of collaboration and cooperation that can help the companies we protect grow and innovate.

The parterre of guests present at the speakers' table is illustrious: the Conference will be opened by an exceptional guest, Luca Mercalli , a very famous name in scientific journalism, popularizer and climatologist of great fame, also known for his participation in the television program Che tempo che ago , which will address the issue of the risks associated with climate change and the possible solutions that will exist in the future.
Professor Luigi Bavaresco will then speak, who after a long academic career in many parts of the world is now professor of Viticulture at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza. He will discuss a topic very dear to the Consortium, which he has also promoted in the past, namely the adaptation of viticulture to climate change with an in-depth analysis of resistant vines studied through Assisted Evolution Techniques (TEA) .
The speaker will then be Mario Fregoni , holder of the Chair of Viticulture at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza and currently Honorary President and member of the Scientific Council of the OIV, who will talk about the ongoing experimentation on Vitis Vinifera franca from foot to foot in relationship to resistance to water and thermal stress.
Dr. Cristina Mobiglia and Dr. Francesco Degiovann will close the conference by addressing the topic linked to the role that banking institutions, in this case the Bank of Asti , can have in relation to the financing of research and the support of the environmental transition.
The debate will be moderated by Luca Ferrua, Director of Il Gusto di Repubblica , the Gedi group's newspaper.
“ As a Territory Bank we welcomed with great enthusiasm the proposal of the Barbera d'Asti and Vini del Monferrato Consortium to organize together a particularly topical event, also following the calamitous events that affected our customers in the summer months. Banca di Asti stands alongside agricultural entrepreneurs to support their projects to adapt to environmental changes ” - states Dr. Enrico Berruti Head of the Banca di Asti Business Market
A day in which viticulture, research and investments will therefore meet, talking about the future of viticulture, current and future problems but above all the possible solutions that can be found through the synergy between bodies, companies and institutions.


The Barbera d'Asti and Vini del Monferrato Consortium, founded in 1946, has the task of protecting and promoting its denominations to guarantee their diffusion and their image on national and international markets, also through specific distinctive brands. Currently the Consortium has more than 400 member companies and 13 protected names