SUSTAINABILITY Rocca Sveva obtains the renewal of the VIVA Certification
SUSTAINABILITY Rocca Sveva obtains the renewal of the VIVA Certification

SUSTAINABILITY Rocca Sveva obtains the renewal of the VIVA Certification

Until January 2022, the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea renewed the VIVA Certification for both the Soave Classico Rocca Sveva product and the entire Rocca Sveva organization.

"VIVA - Sustainability in Vitiviniculture in Italy" is a project promoted by the Ministry with the scientific collaboration of the OPERA Research Center for Sustainability in Agriculture of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

It is a voluntary program based on 4 indicators (Air, Water, Vineyard, Territory) which analyzes the sustainability performance of the wine sector, enhancing the environmental, social and economic aspects associated with wine production.

Through the ARIA indicator, the impact of the production of the single product and of all the company activities on climate change was examined, therefore the quantity of greenhouse gases produced during normal company activities.

With the WATER indicator, the total volume of fresh water consumed was assessed, referring both to the company as a whole and to a single 0.75 liter bottle of wine, also taking into account the water consumed and polluted in the various phases of the wine production.

Through the VINEYARD indicator, the agronomic management practices of the vineyards were taken into consideration, in particular the use of agrochemicals and their consequences on water bodies and on the soil.

Finally, with the TERRITORY indicator the repercussions of the company activity on the territory and on the local community were evaluated, going to analyze the effects on biodiversity, on the landscape, on society and on the community.

In this way, every single operation carried out during the reference calendar year was examined: the use of electricity for the operation of the machines, for the lighting of the structure and for production, the gas used for heating, consumption of water and waste disposal, the fuels used by company machines and in the movement of employees from home to work, just to give some concrete examples. The impact of the emissions generated by the production and shipment of the packaging of the various products was also assessed, as well as those caused by the transport of the finished products in Italy and Europe. Furthermore, many hours were spent on the field surveys and on the analysis of the vineyards suitable for the production of our Soave Classico Rocca Sveva.

Still on the subject of sustainability, the Marketing office of Cantina di Soave has recently produced a brochure, also translated into English, where data and projects of the company's commitment to the development of sustainable viticulture are collected.

"We welcome the renewal - declares the oenologist in charge of Rocca Sveva Giancarlo Piubelli - of the Viva certification, which Cantina di Soave joined in 2017, obtaining it for the first time in 2018. All of this attests to our commitment to sustainable wine-growing, respecting everything that lives around our production system, from the territory to operators and consumers. It was a long and laborious process, but it allowed us to monitor the distribution of consumption between the various company activities and optimize performance for greater energy and economic savings ».

«VIVA - declares the General Manager of Cantina di Soave Wolfgang Raifer - is one of the many green projects that Cantina di Soave carries out. We have taken this path, because we believe it is important to combine our production and economic needs with respect for the environment and its natural ecosystems. The intention, of course, is to continue on this path, the future of quality viticulture also passes through sustainability ».




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SUSTAINABILITY Rocca Sveva obtains the renewal of the VIVA Certification