In an increasingly worrying climate context, the Bottega company continues to invest in environmental sustainability, with the awareness that a green company must set itself increasingly ambitious objectives, in order to become a point of reference for its sector

The important investments in photovoltaic panels have brought the Bibano di Godega (TV) winery to substantial energy autonomy . Specifically, through this green source, the company self-produces 100% of the energy used during sunny hours, which corresponds to approximately 500 kWh. Added to this is the energy produced with its own biomass, deriving from organic residues from the processing of wines and spirits. To give an order of magnitude, the latter, alone, corresponds to that consumed in 1 year by 1000 average families. This important investment was totally financed by Bottega SpA, without any contribution from public funds. Beyond energy, Bottega's commitment to sustainability has a 360° scope and includes: reduced water consumption (from 4.4 liters in 2021 to 2.31 liters in 2022 for each liter of wine product), the use of geothermal energy for over 15 years, the recycling of silicone paper (RafCycle programme), the use of dark bottles produced with at least 50% recycled glass, the exclusive use of FSC Mix certified cartons and catalogues, the choice of water-based paint for the metallic bottles, the cultivation of vineyards according to organic farming criteria, the use of recycled plastic collected in the oceans, the suggestion of reusing some bottles as furnishing objects or as jugs for waterfall. Bottega has also started tracing the environmental impact of the main suppliers (packaging, transport, etc...), in order to encourage them to continue on this path. Green investments not only have an ethical value, but also offer an economic return in the medium to long term. It is no coincidence that the Mediobanca Research Area placed Bottega SpA in fourth place among Italian wineries based on economic-financial indicators and efficiency.