Sandro Bottega: "It would be important for the world of Prosecco to have a new vintage with adequate quantities both because the sparkling wine market requires it and because 2023 was particularly poor."

Word of Sandro Bottega , wine entrepreneur at the head of the historic Bottega SpA company of Bibano (TV) , among the leaders in Italy for the production of Prosecco, who is therefore optimistic about the next harvest, which should also respect the traditional times. «In the Prosecco area, despite there having been persistent rain and lower than average temperatures in recent weeks, a delay in the harvest is not currently expected, which should take place around the third week of September. In the month of June - explains Sandro Bottega - we enjoyed a strong temperature range between daytime and nighttime hours, which certainly determined the development of aromatic substances. It follows that, if the climatic conditions of the next two months remain within the parameters of the period, there should be a vintage of exceptional quality. Extending the analysis to the entire "Italian vineyard" we could say in broad terms that for the North it is expected that ordinary harvest times will generally be respected. In the South, the African heat could instead interfere with the ripening process of the grapes, influencing the harvest period in one direction or another", specifies Bottega, who adds: "It would be very important for the entire Prosecco world to have a new vintage with adequate quantities both because the sparkling wine market requires it and because 2023 was particularly poor".
The owner of the winery famous throughout the world for its "Prosecco Bars" also confidently analyzes the climatic conditions: «I underline that the abundance of water is determining a luxuriant vintage, even if in some ways difficult due to the excessive humidity and related vine diseases, which required the vineyards to be monitored with extreme care. The only risk, now structural in every wine-growing area, is linked to storms or in any case to extreme atmospheric agents which could in some areas cause a reduction in production. I repeat - continues Bottega - that we are confident and believe that the quality of the grapes will be high. In our vineyards for years now we have reintroduced the classic "green manure" technique: it is a capillary grassing that strongly contributes to absorbing any excess water. In order to give the best of itself, the vine needs harmony and balance, in this case therefore it is necessary to intervene and prevent, preferably with natural methods, such as "green manure". Regarding the excessive heat, always threatening even if this year all in all limited in the Prosecco area, we are developing an ad hoc study with our agronomists to intervene on the plants, leaving the foliage highly developed in order to protect the bunches".
Finally, a reflection on the search for dedicated personnel for the harvest: «With regards to labor for the harvest, the general difficulty in finding available labor persists. Bottega has well-established teams of grape harvesters, who have been retained by the company thanks to a policy of continuity of collaboration, which within the context of the seasonality of this work is renewed from year to year", concludes Sandro Bottega, owner of the company of the same name Venetian winery.

Bottega - The Bottega family, which has four centuries of history in the world of wine and grappa, founded the company of the same name, which is both a winery and distillery. It is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, where it produces grappa, wines and liqueurs. Among the grappas, the prized selections of single varieties and the spirits matured in barrique stand out. The range of Bottega wines includes Prosecco, including the well-known Bottega Gold, and other sparkling wines with great personality. In detached cellars, in Valpolicella, Chianti and Montalcino, Amarone, Ripasso, Chianti Gallo Nero, Brunello di Montalcino and other great reds are produced. The offer is completed by a wide range of fruit and cream liqueurs. The Bottega company distributes its products in 150 countries around the world. For many years, Bottega SpA has made an indissoluble commitment to sustainability, which has led to real and concrete results in reducing the impact on the environment, society and the economy.