Le Alte Bollicine del Piemonte dedicate the shots of the winter communication campaign to Turin.

Forty houses associated with the Consortium that produce 70 different Alta Langa Docg labels; 90 winegrowers, 3 million kilograms of grapes harvested from last summer's harvest on about 300 hectares of vineyards (1/3 chardonnay, 2/3 pinot noir), 2 and a half million bottles that will see the light in no less than 30 months , as required by the disciplinary, left to refine in the cellars. A product commercial value estimated to be around 100 million euros.
In a year of uncertainty and complexity, the Alta Langa Consortium has been able to rethink itself and choose ambitious goals, without losing the sense of planning, rigor and strong cohesion between the various players in the system.

The president of the Consortium, Giulio Bava , declares: "In a period with fewer meeting opportunities, sales inevitably slow down but Alta Langa is not afraid of downturns: producing Alta Langa is a job for optimists, which teaches us the sense of waiting. This 2020 of difficulty affects our denomination relatively because the thousandths we have on the market today are those of 2015 and 2016 and they are all sold as the production at the time was less than one million bottles " .

THE STUDY FOR A TECHNICAL DOSSIER ON THE ALTA LANGA STARTED - In 2020 an articulated study and research plan was approved and launched which will lead to the creation of a technical dossier and a complete account of the denomination.
Through the collaboration of experts, relevant aspects will be studied and codified, ranging from the myths and history of Piedmontese high bubbles to the characteristics of the terroir ; from the guidelines on sustainability to the economic impact of the denomination on the Langa hills; from the conservation of the bottles to the service techniques, wine tasting and pairings.
The study will be aimed primarily at increasing the awareness and culture of Alta Langa Docg among producers and will have a dissemination function.

ALTA LANGA DEDICATES WINTER PHOTOGRAPHIC SHOOTING TO TURIN - For its winter photo shoot, Alta Langa chose Turin: the unmistakable atmosphere of the Savoy capital, amidst the magic of the artist's lights, squares, streets and elegant architecture, the hill that sinuously embraces the course of the Po and the charm of the Alps with the snow-capped peaks in the background, will be the protagonists of the shots that the Consortium is making these days. Each of the shots - about forty in total - will be dedicated to a specific producer and to one of his Alta Langa cuvée.
The photos will be published day after day on the Consortium's Facebook and Instagram profiles (@altalangadocg) and will soon be grouped in a gallery on the institutional website (www.altalangadocg.com), nourishing and strengthening that feeling of "Piedmontese pride" which still today, as in the first years of life of the Consortium, it inspires the Alta Langa.

ALTA LANGA DOCG - Alta Langa Docg is the traditional classic method of Piedmont. A denomination with a very long history: it was the first classic method to be produced in Italy, since the mid-nineteenth century, in the "Underground Cathedrals" today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is made of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, in purity or together in a variable percentage; it can be white or rosé, brut or pas dosé and has very long aging times on the lees, as required by the strict disciplinary: at least 30 months.

Alta Langa is exclusively vintage, that is, it always shows the year of harvest on the label.