Back To The Wine, 12 and 13 November in Venice, the event that will talk about craftsmanship in the wine field, and beyond, in all Italian dialects.

It is a return to wines guided by the expert hands of man, represented by 140 artisans who work above all in the world of wine, but also in food, beer, publishing, spirits and coffee, it is artisanal Italy from the North to the South. There are many landscapes, climates, vines and people who live in the places and who bring alive the traditions and passion for wine.

« Italy offers a great wealth of proposals, it is made up of many artisans who have the know-how necessary to create excellent non-approved wines and products. – Says Andrea Marchetti, the creator of Back To The Wine together with Blu Nautilus – We are happy to host companies from Alto Adige to Pantelleria at the event, a research, ours, which has led to the presence at the event of one a cross-section rich in variety that has exceeded expectations and will satisfy a curious public looking for artisanal products, where the raw material is free to express itself ."

Many of the Italian regions will be represented at the event, to name a few, Lazio and Sicily . The first region is emerging in terms of artisanal wines, but the particularity of the volcanic soil makes vines such as Aleatico Secco, Passerina del Frusinate and Malvasia Puntinata shine. The second is one of the most varied regions, it is rich in different landscapes that offer different wines, from the far west to Etna, up to the most symbolic island, Pantelleria. So much to taste and so much to discover or rediscover: the multifaceted panorama of the Bel Paese offers new ideas , such as the PIWI vines, those naturally resistant to diseases, a piece of the future that will be explored in a seminar.

Not only Italy in this latest edition of Back To The Wine, Greece and France will be present with two exceptional partners. Ellenikà, importer and distributor of Greek wines, and four winemakers directly from Greece and Piedi Nudi, importer of small French niche producers. Also in this edition the historic partnership with Rolling Wine, an online wine shop specializing in artisanal wines, will be confirmed. Furthermore, the event will benefit from the support of Confesercenti Venezia. All this and much more will be the sixth edition of Back To The Wine .

Information: Terminal 103 – Maritime Station, 30135 Venice (VE).

Sunday 12 November 2023 from 11am to 7pm and Monday 13 November from 10am to 6pm.

The price of the Early Bird ticket (until 12 October) is €20; after October 12th or directly at the event it is €30; for operators in the sector the cost is €15 upon registration on the site by October 30th