Soon, the final to determine the the "ViniBuoni D’Italia" 2014

From 24th to 27th July 2014, the Municipality of Buttrio will host in Villa di Toppo Florio the Finals of "ViniBuoni D’Italia" 2015 to allocate the "Corone" (Crowns): the highest award that the Guide bestows to Italian wines from native Italian grape varieties.

"Today, I decide the Corone"

Operators of the industry, wine merchants, importers and consumers, who want to enroll and vote in parallel with the commissioners of the Guide to bestow the "Corone" to the wines.

The initiative has been created by Mario Busso, national curator of the "ViniBuoni D’Italia" Guide, in collaboration with the "QB Quantobasta" monthly magazine, directed by Fabiana Romanutti.

The idea has been conceived in the heated debate involving consumers and judges indicating which wines deserve the best scores, and then the best reviews. The guides usually express an opinion that remains written, which can generate satisfaction, dissatisfaction and controversy.

The "objectivity" of the work of tasting commissions composed of industry operators may not coincide with the opinions of those who consume wine. The "ViniBuoni D’Italia" commits itself to conform the opinions of the guide to that of consumers.

The uniqueness of "ViniBuoni D’Italia"

  The "ViniBuoni D’Italia" Guide, in addition to being the unique publication dealing only with wines from native grapes, is also the one which wants to meet the expectations of the public and communicates directly with the end consumer.

You can read a note from the website: «The results, as in past years, will certainly be amazing with a level of convergence and divergence among the opinions of official committees and external ones, that will suggest reflections on the job done by the regional coordinators of "ViniBuoni D’Italia" and their tasting panel.

The "Corone" attributed by the public to the wines considered to be the best will be notified in the "ViniBuoni D’Italia" Guide 2015 with the icon of the Crown expressed in Orange near the wines’ prices in the scorecards of the wines of the selected wineries».

The events of the finals are developed in collaboration with Ersa, with the Municipality of Buttrio and Proloco Buri.