A few days after the victory in the Cassation, the Bottega winery obtained a new first degree success against another competitor company.

Specifically, the Court of Varese, criminal section, held Bottega's counterpart responsible for the alleged crime, imposing a sentence of 8 months' imprisonment, a 10,000 euro fine (in addition to the payment of legal costs), the confiscation and destruction of the material in seizure, the publication of the sentence on the website of the Ministry of Justice at the defendant's expense, the compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in favor of the civil party and the payment, again in favor of the civil party, of an immediately enforceable provision of 50,000 euros .
Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega SpA, declares: "Our competitor company had sold both on the domestic market and abroad products characterized by a clear imitation of our brands, which were going to lead the consumer into confusion, having numerous and obvious similarities with the brands owned by Bottega." The entrepreneur from Veneto adds: "I am satisfied, not so much for the victory in the legal proceedings, which is still important after years of waiting, but for the protection of the consumer. In fact, my main intention is to prevent whoever buys a specific product from being led to think that it corresponds to Bottega quality, when instead it corresponds to a counterfeit brand."
Bottega has designed bottles with mirrored colors since 2001, confirming a long and articulated career in which he has always demonstrated maximum originality and extreme innovation, entrepreneurial characteristics which, together with a quality recognized over the years by almost 400 national and international awards , have led the winery and distillery of Bibano di Godega (TV) to be one of the most imitated companies in the world in the wine and spirits sector. The validity of registered trademarks over the years has been recognized in Italy and in Europe by various competent bodies.