According to data released by Cantina Italia, wine stocks as of December 31st amounted to 64.9 million hectoliters, a record level since the service was established in 2018.

Compared to the same month of 2021, the increase is 5%, with peaks of 7% for PDO wines, while the critical situation of PGIs is returning (3%).

According to the surges in stocks recorded in some regions in December, probably the harvest figure - expected to have a zero balance in September - will have to be revised upwards, as has already happened for the Veneto.



The situation remains particularly critical in regions that had already experienced upward trends in stocks during the year, especially Puglia (8%) and Sicily (5%), while in Abruzzo, according to the surge in stocks in December (12% ), the harvest seems to be much more abundant than the (stable) volumes expected in September.



Also in Veneto the situation of inventories, after being under control until September, is undergoing a strong acceleration (9% at the end of the year), probably due to the strong production increase of the 2022 harvest. The situation is normal in Emilia Romagna (-1 %).



The situation of Apulian PGIs continues to be problematic, with values well above the historical averages and progressively increasing throughout 2022: Puglia at 2.9 million hectoliters of stock (6%) and Salento at 1.84 million (10 %)



Bulk prices


Prices at the beginning of the year generally remain at the levels of the last quarter of 2022: Prosecco Doc stable from September in the 2.05-2.20 range, while Pinot Grigio delle Venezie confirms the 1.10 at the beginning of the harvest.



In the South, the prices of Primitivo Igp Puglia remained stable at 1.05 euro/litre from September (but far from 1.60 in 2021), while Sicilian Nero d'Avola dropped below the 1 euro threshold, a trend inaugurated in November.



finally, the prices of basic sparkling wines in Romagna showed a slight recovery, rising to 4.40-4.60 euros/hectograde (5%/2%).