We toasted with Alta Langa Docg at the New Year of the Alba White Truffle: announced a project for the planting of symbiotic trees of the Truffle by the Consortium's winemakers.

" The link between our Alta Langa Docg wines and the White Truffle of Alba in recent years has become gradually tighter. A common territory of origin, a common sense of taste, a common feeling that has brought us closer and allowed to live an experience that starts from the table but goes well beyond. By now the pairing of the Alta Langa bubbles and the White Truffle has made its way and established itself among the recipes of chefs and in the desires of those who love good The collaboration of the Consortium with the Fair Authority and with all the actors of this extraordinary event that is the International Alba White Truffle Fair is consolidated year after year and also in this 2021 we are happy that it is just a toast of Alta Langa Docg to greet the "New Year" of the Truffle: a symbolic and important moment to spread a deeper culture about the Truffle and to take stock of the true protagonist of the International Fair: this precious and irreplaceable fruit of our terre "commented the president of the Alta Langa Consortium , Giulio Bava .

The 2021 Tuber Primae Noctis edition was also an opportunity to announce a project that the Alta Langa Consortium has launched together with the National Center for Truffle Studies .

" Together with the president Antonio Degiacomi and the National Center for Truffle Studies - Paolo Rossino , operational manager of the Consortium said during the evening - we are structuring a pilot project to raise awareness among our winemakers to dedicate a portion of land to the planting of symbiotic trees of the truffle. These trees can be cared for directly by farmers, or agreements can be established with trifolao associations that take care of them in order to promote good practices for the development and maintenance of truffles on the territory of the high hills of the Langa. associations move in this direction: like and more than planting a vine, planting a tree means having the ability to imagine the future. in the direction of a better world ".

The Alta Langa Consortium will be, for the sixth consecutive year, the official sparkling wine of the International Alba White Truffle Fair : it can be tasted in particular in the Grande Enoteca della Fiera and during the Foodies Moments , the cooking shows of the Alba Truffle Show , paired with the dishes of the most renowned national and international chefs who, for the occasion, vote their inspiration on dishes tailor-made for the Alba White Truffle. The calendar of events is very rich, with double appointments every Saturday (at 11.00 and 18.00) and on Sunday (at 18.00): the chefs Gabriele Boffa, Federico Gallo, Davide Caranchini, Pasquale Laera, Giancarlo Morelli, Riccardo Bassetti will delight the participants , Giuseppe Iannotti, Luca Zecchin, Ugo Alciati, Matias Perdomo, Flavio Costa, Andrea Larossa, Ivano Ricchebono and Federico Belluco (both on 1 November, respectively at 11.00 and 18.00), Federico Zanasi, Davide Rangoni, Davide Palluda, Stefano Sforza , Paolo Griffa, Walter Ferretto, Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini, Damiano Nigro, Eugenio Boer, Luigi Taglienti, Marco Sacco, Michelangelo Mammoliti, Enrico Marmo, closing with Christian and Manuel Costardi.

ALTA LANGA DOCG - Alta Langa Docg is the quality classic method of Piedmont. A denomination with a very long history: it was the first classic method sparkling wine to be produced in Italy, since the mid-nineteenth century, in the "Underground Cathedrals" today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is made of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes, in purity or together in a variable percentage; it can be white or rosé, brut or pas dosé and has very long aging times on the lees, as required by the strict disciplinary: at least 30 months.
Alta Langa is exclusively vintage, that is, it always shows the year of the harvest on the label.