The Women of Wine Association celebrated this year 25 years of activity, and from next year there will be a great novelty at the request of Nadia Zenato: from 2014 not only women–winemakers and women–operators in the wine industry, but also women–sympathizers and lovers of good drinking will be abmitted to become members of the association.

The occsion to report this great opening was the traditional Christmas dinner in which Nadia Zenato, president of Women of Wine Veneto, said:

“We are here this evening to witness how not even the bad weather could stop the conviction of the women–winemakers of the Veneto region. The economic and social situation we are going through is certainly not easy, but I am sure that are always women and men to make the difference. This will be a Christmas full of reflections. Hence, it becomes important also for our association to create opportunities for discussion and exchange, so as wine continues to be one of the winning horses for the Italian economy”.

Honorary Woman of Wine: Sara Simeoni

Special sponsor of the Christmas dinner and Honorary Woman of Wine is Sara Simeoni, gold medal for high jump at the Moscow Olympics in 1980. “I am really pleased and gratifies to be admitted to be part of the Women of Wine Association. This thing fills me with sincere joy for two reasons: firstly, because I am a lover of fine wine, and secondly, because just twentyfive years ago I gave baptism to the Women of Wine Association, when it was founded, as a testimonial of the world of sport”.