The wine consultant is an original professional figure between producer and oenologist boasting well–known names in the world of international wine.
The Drinks Business reported the 10 most influential WINE CONSULTANTS.

The wine consultants are professionals who can offer advice on the final mixture to those who are involved in every stage of winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottling line. But, recently, this profession has been the subject of much debate. The Drinks Business has compiled its Top 10 to report them as important authors of the recent history of wine. The Drinks Business states that their names weight more than any brand or company.

n . 1 Jacques & Eric Boissenot, father and son, who follow the work of 200 companies around the world, particularly in the Medoc region, but also in Greece, Provence, Tuscany, Spain and Chile, including one of the greatest in the Andean country: Concha y Toro.

n . 2 Michel Rolland, with more than 150 companies in his portfolio, from Bordeaux (Figeac, Pontet–Canet and the chateaux of St Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”, Ausone, Angelus and Pavie) to Argentina, through South Africa and Spain.

n . 3 Paul Hobbs, who launched the big U.S. A. Mondavi and Malbec, in Argentina. 35 are the companies in his portfolio and he tries to follow each of them in the best way.

n . 4 Stephane Derenoncourt has companies in India, Spain, Austria, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine and the USA.

n . 5 Alberto Antonini is the only Italian in the list, with his 30 companies around the world, in Italy, USA, Canada, Armenia, Australia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

His work emphasizes the uniqueness of the area.

n . 6 Denis Dubourdieu, is a professor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux

n . 7 retailer, because, as explained by The Drinks Business, with the growth of the space dedicated to wine on the shelves of the supermarket chains, several collaborations among the leaders of the big chains and the world of production have started.

n . 8 Kym Milne, former Master of Wine and undisputed reference point for the Australian wine world.

n . 9 Demei Li, the Chinese wine consultant who takes care of the growth of many Chinese companies and carries out collaborative projects between Beijing and Paris.

n . 10 Sam Harrop, from New Zealand, who worked firstly on Cabernet Franc, and then on Sauvignon Blanc.

Source: Winenews