Vinitaly is working in an interesting international project launched by VeronaFiere to bring the excellence of Italian wines in the world. The United States began in 2013 with a new name: Vinitaly International. The new brand wants to confirm and express an even stronger function of the initiative. Vinitaly International is the ambassador of Italian wine and organizes a series of events in many of the most important cities in US, Russia, Hong Kong, to facilitate collaboration and communication between Italian producers and the key players of the wine sector. This ambassador activate a network of institutional relations and trade with the Referrals more appropriate.

What is it and what does Vinitaly international?

VINITALY INTERNATIONAL opens the 2013 season with two days U.S.: January 28 and January 30 in New York to Miami.
The exhibition oversees other important and strategic international markets such as Russia, the USA, Japan and Hong Kong, has established itself as a means of amplification and development of the historic Italian event.
Vinitaly International breath truly international event and concrete strategic support for international activities of domestic producers. The trading platform is particularly effective for the export of Italian products because it creates a dialogue between the domestic companies, government agencies and key international players.

New York and Miami: many events and professional opportunities

The first two stages of Vinitaly International 2013 are in the States where Italy is the first exporter of wine, with a market share in the first months of 2012 rose by 7.2% compared to 2011.
The U.S. market is expected to gradually increase in consumption of 2.4% per year until 2016.

In New York and Miami, there will be over 160 Italian producers - this year they added over 80 Slow Wine cellars - which may deal with important professionals in a full calendar of meetings, presentations and tastings aimed at a target b2b b2c.

In order to promote the richness of Italian wine, Vinitaly International provides a rich itinerary of wine tastings will be held by Italian Wine Group, Soave, Palm Bay and Prosecco DOC Consortium with the support of a dedicated app for the iPad "Vinitaly Interactive", which record the preferences of the tasters using a QR code and allows you to make a wine tasting at the end of the book personalized.

There will also be two master class "Call it Prosecco: only if it Originates from the Prosecco area" organized by Consortium Prosecco DOC in order to enhance the quality of Prosecco, and underline a variety of vines with precise territorial origin that give rise to the wine sparkling increasingly popular in foreign markets (+35% of sales in the U.S. in 2012).

Not only wine Vinitaly International in the USA, there will be a showcase for another excellence of Made in Italy: the extra-virgin Italian olive oil. The consortium led by Mifaap and Unaprol deiciso has to enter in these two stages USA in its campaign to promote consumer awareness of certified products IOO% Italian.

The word Veronafiere: the relevance of Vinitaly International

Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of VeronaFiere affrermato "(...) many new substance with which we intend to approach what we recognize as the market for excellence, the most important and challenging for Italian wine and products of the agri-food sector and olive oil which complements the wine in this system of international promotion which is Vinitaly. One activity that generates cash inflows also on exhibition in Italy, in 2012 a total of 47 000 foreign operators present from 116 countries, has seen those from the USA increased by 16.2% to almost 7000 total attendance "-

"With the two events in New York and Miami will also insert in the Year of Italian Culture in America promoted by the Italian Embassy in Washington, cutting initiative dedicated to enhancing the cultural tradition and lifestyle made in Italy through the many forms in which they are expressed: art, cinema, architectural and landscape heritage, science, fashion, and of course the food culture. A prestigious event in which Vinitaly, ambassador of Italian wine in the world, is proud to present the attentive American public the excellence of the national wine market "- adds Ettore Riello, President of VeronaFiere.

Given the undoubted economic importance Vinitaly International USA received ii patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.