At Vinitaly 2013 politicians have expressed their opinions on Italian wine, in the presence of the Minister for Agriculture "pro tempore" Catania and the vice-president of the European Commission Tajani. At Vinitaly, the politics has spoken assigning the rewarding Premio Cangrande to the meritorious operators in the Italian viticulture on the recommendation of the Departments of Agriculture in each region.

Italian winemaking in the market: word to politicians

The International Exhibition of wines and spirits boasted the participation of the Minister for Agriculture, Mario Catania, who said about the Italian winemaking: "We are very strong on traditional markets such as the U.S. and Germany, but we are behind in new markets such as Asia and China. We must work to catch up, we must create networks and not to waste resources. In Brussels, we have obtained the confirmation of the budget for the promotion, for Italy are almost 400 million on an annual basis of resources destinated to Ocm Wine over seven years. ".
European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani explained: "We need a change of direction, because four million Italian entrepreneurs have to count more in Europe. Therefore, I shall monitor that the previous debts of the public administration are paid.

To promote the export, the problem of counterfeiting must be overcome", Tajani continues, "it damages the heart of business, the consumers' health and the business system, to the benefit of the underworld nine times out of ten. As European Commission are trying to strike a deal with the EU food chain, but if this will not be possible, I will be forced to intervene, together with the Commissioner Cioloş, by law. "

Vinitaly 2013: "meritorious people" of Winemaking

Since 1973, regional councilors designate each year the great interpreters of the Italian wine world by region that are awarded at Vinitaly.
The prestigious award is assigned by the Regional Departments for Agriculture, that indicate "who with their own professional or business activity have helped and supported the advancement of quality of the wine growing and wine making within their region and their country."
At Vinitaly the "Meritorious people of winemaking" were awarded with the Premio Cangrande.

Vinitaly 2013: Here are the "Meritorious people of winemaking":
Riccardo Brighigna (Abruzzo);
Fabio Mecca (Basilicata);
Raffaele Librandi (Calabria);
Enzo Rillo (Campania);
Gian Alfonso Roda (Emilia-Romagna);
Angelo Bitussi (Friuli Venezia Giulia);
Maria Camilla Pallavicini (Lazio);
Dino Masala (Liguria);
Chiara Tuliozzi (Lombardy);
Nazzareno, Vico, Valentina Vicari (Marche);
Pasquale Salvatore (Molise);
Domenico Clerico (Piedmont);
Dario Stefano (Apulia);
Giangiuseppe Scalas (Sardinia);
Enza La Fauci (Sicily);
Aurelio Cima (Tuscany);
Helmut Scartezzini (Trentino-Alto Adige, Bolzano);
Luciano Tranquillini (Trentino-Alto Adige, Trento);
Amilcare Panbuffetti (Umbria);
Mauro Jaccod (Valle d'Aosta);
Roberto Ferrarini (Veneto).