“De–Gusto Salento”: the producers of Negroamaro have gathered together to promote and innovate the famous wine of Salento, great expression of history and quality.

For the first time the major producers of Negroamaro team up to promote their products in Italy and abroad, in cooperation with other regions, local authorities, universities, foundations, institutions and cultural organizations. The “De–Gusto Salento” Association will be present at the food and wine events on behalf of producing companies. The association supports and takes part in all the activities and eno–gastronomic cultural events, promoted by public and private entities that operate continuously in the territory.

«“De–Gusto Salento” – the President, Ilaria Donateo, says – was created to promote our region through the typicality of the Negroamaro grape variety, forming a team of producers, co–ordinated by a group of enthusiasts who may value it through the synergy of gastronomy, tourism, art and culture. The starting point – she continues – is the awareness of living in one of the most suited to viticulture areas in Italy: wine as a vehicle of knowledge of the profound nature of the agricultural environment, of the richness of the soil in which vines take root, of the history in which it was created, of the men who help to make it happen. Joining “De–Gusto Salento” – Ilaria Donateo concludes – means to be leaders in the planning and the ideation of projects to achieve ambitious goals with our quality wines».

Public presentation of “De–Gusto Salento”

The first public meeting of “De–Gusto Salento” is scheduled for 20 January 2014

The presentation will be led by the journalist Lara Napoli, and will be attended by Ilaria Donateo, President of the “De–Gusto Salento”, but also by local and regional authorities, as well as representatives of the industry association. At the end of the presentation, labels of Negroamaro of the producers members of the association will be tasted.

Who are the members of the “De–Gusto Salento” Association?

The members of “De–Gusto Salento” are exactly the companies producing Negroamaro wine: Severino Garofano Vigneti e Cantine, Conti Zecca, Agricole Vallone, Rosa del Golfo, Michele Calò & Figli, Cantine Due Palme, Tenute Rubino.

Further subscriptions are accepted by those who want to spread around the world the potential of this grape variety, its products and, therefore, the Salento territory.

First public meeting for “De–Gusto Salento”

On Monday, 20 January 2014, at 6 p.m., at Hotel Leone in Messapia, Provinciale Lecce – Cavallino, Lecce.