Protecting workers' health and at the same time preserving their activity are the priorities, at this stage, of every entrepreneur.

"We have thought about how we can contribute right now, making available our skills that are certainly not of a sanitary nature," says Manuela Popolizio , co-founder together with Isella Marzocchi , Katia Cilia and Laura Mottura of Network PR , the first network Italian independent PR. "Our country continues to produce basic necessities and others that have become so in the last month, thanks also to the conversion or strengthening of many companies that responded promptly to the emergency. Italy has rapidly become On a global level, an example to follow and in the climate of general uncertainty, entrepreneurial stories that are worth telling are multiplying. To give a positive signal, cultivate trust towards tomorrow, learn to truly team up and support each other. we are in this sense ".
"We will make our press office experience available to those companies that today live in the forefront of this situation and do not have time to give voice to their work, completely free of charge" continues Isella Marzocchi. "We specialize in food & beverage, design, beauty, lifestyle. Interested businesses can contact us through our website or digital channels, Instagram and Facebook. We will select the 3 most interesting realities to which we will provide our services for the next 3 months, because everyone we need to know in order to store in our memory the good of this time that we will never forget ".
Because together we can really make a difference.

100 years of experience in 4. It is Network PR, an Intelligent Net created by four public relations professionals from Milan, Turin, Verona and Bologna. A resource to be involved in the planning of articulated communication plans, in the realization of large events, in the architecture and in the formulation of relevant contents inside and outside the network, in the creation of meaning and consensus. Whether it's for a company, a brand, a product or an event.