Moscato Wine Festival on Tour
Moscato Wine Festival on Tour

Moscato Wine Festival on Tour

A tour of events to enhance the many faces of the Moscato grape.

Appointment Wednesday 21 July in Rome, Hotel Savoy

The Go Wine association promotes the twentieth edition of the Moscato Wine Festival during the summer of 2021, an event aimed at promoting the culture of Moscato wine in various parts of Italy to a vast and diverse audience of wine lovers.
Moscato is one of the oldest and most widespread grape varieties in the world and has its roots in practically all Italian regions, with a very diversified production. In some cases it marks the viticulture of a region, as in the case of Moscato d'Asti, in others it represents excellence in small productions, often linked to a virtuous and far-sighted recovery by the winemakers.

Moscato presents itself with different faces, colors and types: sweet, passito, sparkling wine, the dry vinifications proposed by many wineries are increasingly present.

Overall, the mosaic of the many Moscato wines is characterized by extreme richness, where the aromatic note - the common denominator - is interpreted with different styles and labels.

A fascinating world that Go Wine intends to enhance, promote and disseminate through a tour, resuming the spirit of this initiative after a year of pause determined by the coronavirus emergency.

The Moscato Wine Festival on Tour, in its twentieth year, has accompanied the life of Go Wine from the very beginning, placing itself as an event of culture and tasting.

The Moscato Wine Festival was born from the desire to spread the culture of Moscato wine in many and different locations in Italy, thus reaching a more significant number of people. They are exclusive, targeted tastings, where wine enthusiasts and the curious can discover the complexity and diversification of the vine, in its many expressions and places of production.

There are about 40 wineries involved in the 2021 edition, for a total number of 55 labels. After the inaugural appointment on July 1st in Turin and the stops in Milan (Wednesday 14th) and Racconigi (Thursday 15th), the Moscato Wine Festival arrives tomorrow July 21st in Rome with a tasting scheduled at the Savoy Hotel. The following stages are scheduled in the coming weeks in Mergozzo, Bergeggi, Bologna and Abruzzo.




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Moscato Wine Festival on Tour