"To Italy wine need new marketing strategies targeted on the real decision makers in international markets: consumers. We are seeing a cultural shift that involves the techniques the world's commercial production of our country, until now practiced. Addition to trade agreements need new actions that can transform the originality and exclusivity of the history of Italian wine promotion tools and motivation to purchase, as is happening in Canada. "

These are the words of Piero Antinori, president of the 'Istituto Grandi Marchi - the association of 19 wineries winemaking cream made ??in Italy such as: Alois Lageder, Argiolas, Biondi Santi Greppo, Ca' del Bosco, Michele Chiarlo, Carpenè Malvolti Donnafugata, Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari, Gaja, Jermann, Lungarotti, Masi, Marchesi Antinori, Mastroberardino, Pio Cesare, Rivera, Tasca D'Almerita, Tenuta San Guido, Human Ronchi.

L 'occasion was the presentation in Rome of Italy Discover the Italian-Canadian documentary film sponsored by Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO, the monopoly of the province of Ontario), Istituto Grandi Marchi and IEM.

Dicover Italy will be in newsstands, bookstores and selected 600 stores in Canada.

Why Canada?

"In 10 years, the value of Italian wine exports to Canada grew by 112% (France only 34%). A record performance - continued Antinori - led by Quebec and Ontario, the two provinces leading wine imports Italian by value and volume and still with plenty of room for growth. For this - said the president of the Grandi Marchi - we co-produced with IEM and LCBO, the monopoly of Ontario, a movie example of Italian wine culture in support of political promotion of the entire sector. "

The wine made in Italy owns 20% of the total value of the Canadian market and is second only to France (representing 22.9% of the total market of wine).

Discover Italy: foreign consumers know Italy ..

"Discover Italy - 35 days of shooting and over 6000 km route from north to south - is an emotional and motivational format that tells, in three DVDs of 25 'each, the originality of Italian wine in order to quench the thirst for knowledge of the Canadian consumer, before buying the wine and fidelizzarsi want to understand the soul. " So said Michael Fagan, director of research and development and educational activities LCBO manager and author of the film.

The words of the director are in line with the other las policy porduttore the film IEM, a company responsible for successful internationalization projects dell'agrioalimentare Italian: the dissemination of the culture of wine is an essential tool for success as Giancarlo says Voglino, managing director IEM: "The culture of Italian wine is increasingly a key element of the enterprises. Discover Italy is an example of useful networking to continue to grow the national system on the international markets."