The Custoza DOC Wine Protection Consortium invests in the training of students and local operators.

With a busy calendar of meetings and seminars, the Consortium intends to support operators in communicating the great potential of Custoza wine and its blend in the best possible way , providing the tools to do so in always up-to-date and contemporary ways. Having archived the parenthesis of international fairs , which saw the Consortium engaged in tasting masterclasses addressed to the press and operators during Vinitaly and ProWein and in Denmark, the program for this period focuses in particular on training activities in the area.

Strongly convinced that the growth of the denomination also passes through educational activities, the Consortium has directed a considerable budget of the PNRR funding program approved for 2023 to training.

Thanks to this important aid from MASAF (Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry) the Consortium was able to present the denomination and make the unique characteristics of Custoza known to hotel schools and technical institutes. The first part of the training activity, dedicated to schools in the sector, ended on Friday 19 May, which saw the Consortium meet as many as 10 classes for a total of over 150 students. The institutes involved were the IPSAR Carnacina of Valeggio sul Mincio, the IPSOA Berti institute of Caldiero and the Tusini institute of Bardolino.

Through the days dedicated to the girls and boys of the hotel, technical and tourist institutes , the Consortium brings new vigor to one of the pillars of its activity: supporting companies, whether they are wineries, catering businesses or hotels in the Garda area, in the creation of a virtuous system that makes the culture of hospitality the driving force for an entire territory.

The direct training activity for catering and hotel hospitality operators in Verona and Garda will start in the coming weeks in collaboration with Federalberghi, which immediately appreciated the idea and the Consortium's willingness to invest in the service skills of the wine, such an important product for the area, enthusiastically welcoming this possibility of collaboration.

The topics covered will start from the importance of wine in catering with insights into wine service techniques and pairings; local wines will be explored with particular focus on Custoza.

<< The common thread of our training initiatives is the awareness of what our denomination has to offer: whether this awareness is to be acquired, such as for young people who choose to dedicate their training to hospitality, whether it is to always provide new tools to the most experienced operators, which can only strengthen their potential >> says Roberta Bricolo, president of the Custoza DOC Wine Protection Consortium. << We are convinced that the best ambassadors of a territory are the people who welcome tourists and visitors every day, and this leads us to observe the maître d', the chefs, the sommeliers, but also the cellar operators, the oenologists and the winegrowers tomorrow with great attention. It is in this direction that the work of the Youth Commission, set up by our new Board of Directors, will take shape>>.

The activity is financed by MASAF ref. AlD.D. no. 553922 of 28 October 2022 – cup J88H22001350008