Dario Marengo and Claudio Nicola: here are the two Piedmont Winemakers mustered in the European ranks to share their expertise on innovative and environmentally friendly wine-growing and wine-making.

Italy exports project to Europe:
eco-projects in wineries with Dario Marengo from Alba
Marengo was summoned to present the modern eco-projects in wineries. Who is Marengo? He is the guide of Amethyst srl, a company that deals with the design and engineering services for the environment and the territory, that is specialized in the complete design of wineries according to the new environmentally friendly canons: from the architectural development, to service facilities, to the treatment of wastewater, also through phytoremediation plants.
Marengo will be the only Italian speaker who will intervene in the conference ?De la cave au vin: un fructuese alliance? organized by UNESCO with the University of Burgundy and the Institute "Jules Guyot" on Thursday 3rd October at Chateau du Clos- Vougeot, in the earth of Burgundy.
The Piedmont Winemakers organization (Vignaioli Piemontesi) takes part in the project having acquired 20% of the corporation stock: "The idea - the director of Vignaioli Gianluigi Biestro says - is to make the lead in European projects that have as a theme the protection of environment and territory starting from vineyards and crops".
To fight against Flavescence dorée: Nicola Claudio
On Wednesday, 9th October, Claudio Nicola will intervene at the general meeting of the CIP, the international committee that brings together all European wine-growing nurseries. He will bring to the fore the spread of Flavescence dorée. A disease that kills vines in the rows of Piedmont and Northern Italy.