Italian wine is spreading in many countries of the world, mainly China, Brazil, India, Russia, America.
Who are the new wine lovers of the world?

In the world, the consumption of wine in 2012 was around 245.2 million hectoliters: in China, Brazil, India, Russia, the pool of consumers is high but wine does not belong to the food tradition of many of these markets and global competitors are very aggressive. Therefore, to face the challenges of global markets the first step is to understand who the new consumers worldwide are.

The first fact that emerges is that wine drinkers concentrate in the big cities, where the per capita consumption is high.

Short identikit: better understand the challenges of the Italian wine in every country

China: the brand is important
Chinese people want wine labels denoting luxury, such as Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, in the same way as they want great Italian fashion brands, such as Valentino and Prada.
The consumer does not know the wine, it is foreign from the point of view of history and culture. Wine arrived in China few years ago and is now subject of interest of the new wealthy who consider it a status symbol of the Western lifestyle. The average Chinese is very conservative instead: all Italian producers that are penetrating the Chinese market think that the reaction times are slow to Italian wine, because our labels have still to be confirmed. The solution should be the creation of a system-Italy, on the model of the interventions made at the state level by France.

Brazil: the experimenters

The Brazilians love to taste new labels. Despite the traditional drinks are beer and cachaça, the Brazilian consumer is increasingly interested in wine and Brazil is promoting internal actions to boost the responsible consumption of wine. For the time being the Brazilians approaching to wine are the most wealthy and increasingly informed and prepared. Nevertheless, the great mass of the population does not consume it and does not know it. Italian wine has an important share of export. Italy has a privileged image among the Brazilians, also thanks to the many Italian immigrants. Tuscan wine, Prosecco and Lambrusco are among the most popular.

The Russians can spend very large amounts.
Russia: the consumers of Italian wine belong to the middle-upper class, live in big cities and often travel to Italy. To them, our labels are status symbols linked to the Italian lifestyle. The Russians know more and more denominations and Italian terroir, and are able to spend large amounts of money.

India: Luxury and...
this country has been interesting in wine for a short time, but the requests are increasing. Until now, it has been consumed by an upper-class target, intended to hotels and local of extreme luxury.
The high taxation system on wine keeps the price very very high, but wine is spreading easily from the cultural point of view, also thanks to the colonial past and the spreading of the Western lifestyle.

Source: WineNews