"ARCHETIPO RIRLESSO" is the project that won the competition for architects under 40 organized by Bortolin Angelo Sparkling wine cellar.

The cellar Bortolin Angelo has made ​​a choice really innovative and designed to give space to architects under 40: for its restructuring involved the Association of Treviso young architects in a design competition for young people.

The Bortolin Angelo Sparkling Wines needs a broadening and rethinking organizational structure of its production and sales, the company wanted to provide an opportunity for young architects to demonstrate their ability to design efficient and modern in rethinking the spaces of the historic site, place sparkling wine production and bottling as well as the extension and shape and space for commercial activities, storage, reception and representation.

The vision of Desiderio Bortolin: for the cellar "people first"
Bortolin desire, the owner said: "A cellar is not only a production facility or commercial, is a complex realization set up to accommodate several generations. For this you need to work methodically on the project in order to meet the needs in the best possible measure of short , medium and long term. And to make a long-lasting project is necessary to give priority to people who carry out their activities within it, always thinking about their safety and their peace work. too, the landscape and the environmental protection are to be considered as an integral part of the history and cultural traditions of this area. "

The 10 selected in Design Competition Under 40
The competition was open to all registered architects in Sect. A, the Architecture of Albi Architects Italians, who at the time of the competition had not reached their 40th birthday.
The award-winning winery in Guia di Valdobbiadene has received a total of nearly 200 projects from all over Italy.
The jury was composed of: Desiderio Bortolin, the deputy mayor of the municipality of Valdobbiadene Pietro Giorgio Dav