Best Ais sommelier in the World 2013 crowned in London: Luca Martini

Best Ais sommelier in the World 2013 crowned in London: Luca Martini

Best Ais sommelier in the World 2013 crowned in London: Luca Martini

Luca Martini is the Best Sommelier in the World: the triumph of thirty-three yars old sommelier, arrived at the end of a busy day in the prestigious setting of The Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly

London, the city that is emerging as the European Capital of Food and Wine Culture, saw the coronation of the man who more than any other has distinguished himself in the world of wine, for its effective communication and in its profession of sommelier. The competition, organized and promoted by the WSA Worldwide Sommelier Association, saw the challenges of competitors from 21 countries of the world.
The day for the sommelier was full of challenging tests: a long questionnaire with questions ranging from international enography to oenology, from vineyards to beers, liquors, spirits and water, as well as food and wine pairings, the blind tasting of two labels to be reported in writing in English and a communication test.
The final test was very challenging for the three finalists: the tasting and the recognition of two wines, a beer and a distillate, the service of an appetizer, a request for a suggestion of a cocktail, the wine pairing to two menus, the decanting of a wine red, a further communication test and the description of the characteristics of the labels listed in a wine list.

Who is the Best Sommelier Ais in the World 2013? Luca Martini
The very last test, with three finalists, was played on stage at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in London and was attended by another Italian, Dennis Metz, and by the Frenchman Jonathan Fillion, second and third place respectively.
Luca Martini was the undisputed winner. He was born in 1980 and works as sommelier at Osteria da Giovanna in Arezzo. He was very young when he brought out his natural talent as sommelier. Already Best Sommelier in Italy in 2009, Best Sommelier in Tuscany in 2007 and in the same year semi-finalist in the national competition, winner of the 2008 Grand Prix Sagrantino di Montefalco in 2009 and the Palma d'Oro at the Grand Prix Excellentia in Perugia. A great series of awards.

The satisfaction of the Best Ais Sommelier in the World 2013

"An immense satisfaction, an indescribable feeling - the new world champion Luca Martini says - which comes as a culmination of a long and careful preparation. Wine is my passion, I enjoy knowing everything about this product of nature, its history, its characteristics, and from my early age - working in the restaurant of my family - I had the opportunity to discover this wonderful world. To arrive at these levels it is necessary to call yourself into question in order to grow personally and professionally, and now this title is the result of perseverance and great sacrifices, but the merit is not only mine. I owe it to a team effort: to achieve these successes you can not be alone but you need everyone, starting from the family, to the association, the sommelier, friends and my great teachers whom I thank.

The reactions of the Ais Association

"The victory in London by Luca Martini - the President of AIS Tuscany, Osvaldo Baroncelli, says enthusiastically - is an indescribable satisfaction for the whole Association. It is the first time that a sommelier of the Grand Duchy reaches such an important goal and this award honors him but also the Contests School of AIS Tuscany, the efforts in all these years, and especially the professionalism, the desire for knowledge, the will to go deeper and deeper. Qualities that Luca has always proven to have and that determined his success. My congratulations go also to another Tuscan somelier in the competition, Andrea Balleri, who won a well-deserved fourth place. "

To the Best Sommelier in the World 2013 came the congratulations by all the Italian Sommelier Association, by the National President Antonello Maietta and in particular by Massimo Rossi, CEO of AIS Arezzo: "I thank Luca - Rossi comments - that with his victory, did not only brought the city of Arezzo at the top of the sommellerie world, but also because it rewards the way of working of our delegation of Arezzo, formed by a group united by passion and enthusiasm, by friends who first of all like talking about wine, studying, discussing, growing together, without rivalry. The great affirmation of Luke is an example of how, joining in a "system" including sommelier, institutions and companies, you can achieve great results. "

To realize the value of this recognition, discover the international list of participants in the contest:

Carlo Ferrigno - Belgium

Diego Dequigiovanni - Brazil

Andrea Tonicello - Canada

Cheg Yi Chen - China

Jonathan Fillon - France

Vasilica Marinela Ardelan - Germany

Andrea Balleri - Italy

Dennitz Metz - Italy

Luca Martini - Italy

Maksims Merkulovs - Latvia

Juan Carlos Flores Mazón - Mexico

Fernando Cubas - Peru

Denis Ovcharenko - Russia

Stefan Timofti - Romania

Elida Sota - San Marino

Matteo Lussana - Singapore

Dvid Vasiljevic - Slovenia

Oliver Brandenburg - South Korea

Angelo de Raimondo - Switzerland

Giuseppe Albaceli - Switzerland

Diego Meraviglia - USA

Sam McDonald - United Kingdom




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Best Ais sommelier in the World 2013 crowned in London: Luca Martini